Standing in Your Power

Love this thought: Standing in your Power.  Especially coming off International Women’s Day where it was about our BOLD, I feel this so pertinent.  So many of us have SO much to offer, yet we don’t believe in ourselves enough. We have others who believe in us and are inspired by us…but we don’t give ourselves enough credit.

Well, now’s the time my Friends!

Own your value. Own your power.

I’m thrilled to have Wanda Davis give us her perspective on this topic, so read on:

Throughout your life there may be times when you feel unsure about yourself, don’t feel in control or confident and feel powerless in whatever situation. Confidence is defined by Google as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Confidence is that feeling of being strong in your convictions knowing that you are worthy and can express your thoughts and values. It is one thing to have the inner feelings of confidence and then another level to express that confidence to the world.
Every one of us is worthy and full of value. However, we “lose” our confidence in ourselves if we listen to others saying negative things about us, have feelings of not being safe in our environment (home, work, play) or don’t believe in our own abilities and are afraid to show them. Don’t let external or self-judgement rule you. So whether there are external or just internal factors involved, there are many things you can do to improve your confidence.

Advice I’d Give My Younger Self

First, be grounded and breathe. Being grounded means to have that connection to the Earth and to receive energy from the Earth allowing one to be present in the moment in their physical body and not being in our heads with too many thoughts racing through. Feel your feet on the ground and breathe. This allows you to not be with any fears.

Next, release the fears that may be holding you back from reaching your goals, whether in personal life or career. Often identifying the fear can help you release it by knowing that your abilities are truly enough. And if you really feel like you are not strong in an area, go out and learn more about it. Take a class or workshop or do some research on your own.

Now if it is someone else that affects your confidence, why are you listening to them? Whatever they are saying is only their point of view. You don’t have to take on that point of view. Practice allowance and let those foreign points of views just drift on by. Energy work is great for releasing fears and points of views that don’t serve you. Use positive words. Convince yourself that you are confident to do something. Say it out loud.
Personally there have been many instances where I have not been fully confident. Sometimes even though I am fully confident within and believe in what I have to say, the proper words to express those thoughts are not expressed properly out loud resulting in a lack of confidence that the person I am speaking to may not support the same points of views. Yes, this is the sales business. I have had to learn to be fully confident in myself and abilities and not allow rejection to affect me. And being more confident results in more sales. You know you are good so believe in yourself and that radiates to all you meet.

Sometimes life does not turn out as you had hoped. Don’t lose your confidence over this. Perhaps view it as something you are meant to learn more from. Welcome these lessons to build your abilities. Gather the wisdom and your confidence grows. Remember that life is a journey with challenges along the way ready to be conquered. Accept each challenge as a process to work through step by step, learn from it and then move on. Change is constant and everything comes to an end. Get a coach to help you move forward and reach those goals. Acknowledge all those successes, no matter how small.
With your abilities and qualities you are worthy and powerful. So stand in your power and own it. It is your responsibility to yourself to do what you are meant to do.

Wanda Davis is The Power Shifter who coaches and teaches people to define their purpose and the power of their self-worth. She teaches or uses energy work such as Reiki, Access Consciousness or shamanic healing to shift the energy to help people stand in their power.