It’s March.

Which is after February.

Which is when most people’s resolutions end.

Let’s  be honest for a moment. Even the most die-hard health devotees have their ups and downs. Their days where they: just. don’t. feel. it. So don’t be hard on yourself if this is how you are feeling.  The idea is to understand this is being human and to not give up on your dreams for a healthier, happier you!

How to do this? Some tips below.

  1. Be kind to yourself. Understand if you are completely realistic that you’ll have days you are raring to go, days you aren’t. Days you are tired, grumpy, no-to-low-energy and days you feel like giving up. You’ll also have times where life throws in an obstacle you totally didn’t see; but when you fight through all of this – that, my friend is when the magic happens!
  2. Going out for a meal? Check out the menu ahead of time. This might sound obtuse, but it works. It’s not in any way being over the top. In this day and age where eating out is so prevalent it’d be hard for anyone with the best intentions to hit their goals. Treat your health regime as your everyday job; that’s exactly what I do.  So give yourself a helping hand and check out the menu before; pick what works and voila; you are in control!
  3. Heading to a function? A GREAT thing to do is to do your socializing away from the food and drink tables.  This was a game changer for a client of mine.  When we stand by the food, it’s so easy to just keep on grabbing. But out of sight is definitely out of mind….so this is one easy option to throw into the mix. You’ll end up having great conversation without the temptations AND regret after.
  4. Make plans. Plan, plan, plan…..the 1,2,3 of goals as far as I’m concerned.  Plan ahead what you’ll eat; how many drinks you’ll have – and again, not only are you in control of what you are doing but you’ll enjoy the event.
  5. In your pantry at home, have healthy, easy-to-grab foods on hand – prep once a week quinoa, pre-washed salads, veggies, lentils, eggs; even slice up chicken and have ready to go – so all you need to do is grab and go.
  6. Watch portion sizes and be mindful of what you are eating. Is it helping? Is it going to have you feeling confident, strong, on-task with your goals, or are you going to enjoy it for a minute and regret it the rest of the day? Become more in tune with how you feel when you are hungry; ARE you hungry; how are you feeling emotionally?
  7. Make sure each meal has a protein, healthy fat and veggies.  Once you have that as your base you are good to go!
  8. Don’t deprive: as soon as you put yourself on a diet mentally something shifts and all you do is think about food, no? Diets, depriving, fads….none of these in the long term stick.  So look at how you can plan each day; create mouthwatering (and doable) meals and snacks that empower you, strengthen you, and leave you literally shining from the inside out.
  9. Don’t give up during the challenging times. So often people come up against a wall and decide to end their health plan and “get back to it when able”.  Switch your thinking: when going through anything challenging at all is precisely when you want and will benefit from fuelling yourself well, energizing your body and mind more.
  10. Move more, sit less.  Just this. Literally.

Be kind to yourself. Understand as you work on your health and wellness you will come up against obstacles – but know that this is life, you are normal and you CAN still focus on you while going through these.  In fact you’ll be better for it.

It doesn’t matter in any way that the new year has come and gone. What matters is persevering. It’s creating the PROCESS on a daily basis that will get you to where you want to go. No dieting will get you there (and have you stay there); it’s all about the behaviours you put in place; one day at a time. These WILL get you there – and to stay.

Keep it simple and SHINE!