My word for today.

Resilience is the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity, struggle; in times of significant stress.

  • It’s our capacity to recover or ‘bounce back’.
  • It’s keeping the butterfly moment in perspective.
  • Self-awareness is a huge skill of this as well as the following:
  • Flexibility and stability of focus
  • Understanding, accepting we WILL go through challenge; it’s a part of every human experience – just some accept it more or are capable of accepting more than others. But you can get there.
  • Being able to let go (mentally and physically) yet at the same time embrace the journey.

Being able to both access, harness, sustain positive emotions.
(I’m not talking about walking around with a huge smile saying everything is ok all the time.).

Because it’s not.

It’s being realistic, acknowledging the challenge – yet being positive with what you can do; focus on, create for you or even keeping in mind “this too shall pass” SUCH a good quote).

Because it will.

Lastly: keep top of mind while going through any time of challenge or struggle (and I put this to both my health- and life-coaching clients): every action (which means getting mindful my friends) – when looking at every action you are doing is it helpful or not to you? Does it get you closer to your goal (feeling better, stronger, happier…..) or farther away?

A great question to keep in mind.


Want more help with resilience? I can include this in my “Find it. Flaunt it. Let It Shine.” Program that I can curate just for you.  LOTS we can go over together to get you shining through your challenge.

Hugs’n’sparkles my friends,