It’s Honesty-Wednesday again (did you even know this was a “thing”??!!). I never think re-evaluating and re-focussing is a bad thing (at all) and I am very much one for knowing when you need to do these, to reach out for help and to even completely change how you do things if that puts you back on track.




Somethings’ been nagging at me lately and has me looking at all I’m doing. I got overwhelmed, was worrying WAY to much about effects of my decision(s) on others and in turn it wore me down making me MIA on social media. But that’s okay. It has made me really look at how I work, what is truly at the core of my frustration and most importantly: what I need to do to get back to where I feel I’m heading along the track that makes me happy.

Listen to your body. When you have times like this, it’s crucial to take the time you need to figure things out. Don’t push through doing the same old, same old, rushing, stressing, moving and shaking…when sometimes just sitting back, re-evaluating and dare I say it: RESTING is what we need? Stop and smell the roses sometimes! I find it’s in those “quietest” moments that the most brilliant ideas form.

As a result of stepping away…..pondering……doing what you need to do, you’ll find you work through so many thoughts, make smart, strategic decisions – and go figure: you’ll most likely be sleeping again! (I’m sure you find when you go through challenging times the first thing to go is sleep….which in turns tends to make us more emotional when we look at situations and perhaps NOT make the best decisions….so get your sleep back on track!).




Reach out to friends; ask for help. As women we tend to try to do it all without asking; perhaps sometimes social media plays into that? Looking at peoples’ “stuff” it looks like everyone has their s#&t together no? Well. um. NO. We don’t. We aren’t perfect and we do need help. When we reach out and ask, we find we are not alone with our struggles, worries, pressures. We find just voicing what we are thinking or feeling enables us to feel better and heck…if a few tears are shed, all the better! So if you find you are struggling with work-life balance in any way….or if you are hitting a wall with a decision you need to make; whatever it is….reach out to people you love. They want to help! makes us so much more relatable with each other when we get real. When we share we get that we are not alone, that others struggle too and in turn we make this world a more empathetic, supportive place. Goodness-knows we need this right now.

Life can get so fast and furious….we are all in this together and for each other….so – on that note. If you have something you are struggling with – life or work or both – here’s a forum for it: click here   Women Who Bring It is a closed group for a reason, so we can share, understand and inspire. So…I’m CERTAINLY here to help if you need another perspective…and so are a couple of hundred other amazing women….

 So….what’s up sistahhhh?  Get sharing, inspiring, learning 🙂

Carolyn is a Women’s Health, Wellness and Confidence Expert. She works with women and girls on the challenges that life throws our way – and helps guide them in a way that works for them – to a solution that helps them truly shine.  Life has thrown her many curveballs from health related issues, almost dying and anxiety related challenges….but she came through shining, having learnt from every experience good or bad. Her goal is to help others achieve this too and be the best they can be. She knows they can do it.