So it’s the new year.


As we all know it tends to be a time of refresh, rejunivation, renewed goals or:


Let’s look at repeat.  We’ve all been there; we all do it.

What if we could change things up; add some sparkle (had to add that at some, eh?!) and live in such a way that each year we no longer feel we need to make changes in the new year….only to at some point feel rather overwhelmed as the year progresses?

Don’t feel bad; only a tiny percent of peeps succeed with new year’s resolutions.

So…. why not change it up?

  • Change can happen in such a way that each year can be lived the way YOU want to live.
  • Change can happen in such a way that at the end of each year you are no longer making plans to improve next year at “something”
  • You live the way YOU want to live; that fulfills you, decreases any stress and you don’t begin each new year with those resolutions.

How? Let me say. There are different “stages of change” as they say and we need to match the level of change we are at with the tactics we use. If we work at a level that is too much for where we are motivation-wise, it can feel too challenging, we feel overwhelmed and thus tend to give up.

But.  If we work at the level where we are; with the right tactics, tools and support…. THAT my friends is where the magic happens.  This can be applied to life, health, work – ANYthing.

It’s a cool concept – and effective.  Just imagine how it would feel to be in control of your habits, behaviours, life strategy….where there are no ups and downs (or far less than usual) and you are in control.

It is very attainable. And you deserve this.

How cool to be free of the need of resolutions for ever more (remember: goals are completely separate to resolutions…we always want goals).

It can be done.

Stay with me 🙂

Coach Carolyn x