SO. How’s your 2016 going so far?  I have to say; mine’s a whole lotta wow. On steroids.

In the space of a few weeks….the journey has been amazing with lots of learning opportunities: mainly about myself – and I love to share in the hopes that someone reading perhaps gains some insight to help their situation.

I’m also a BIG believer in taking care of the mind as much as the body. If you’re stressed, your health suffers… it’s all connected and all super important.

Lessons of 2016 so far….

1.  Making YOU a priority is needed!

I’m coming across way too many amazing women who put so much effort into making life for their loved ones ideal…that they forget the most important person to keep healthy and strong.  Themselves.  I think the time is now. We need to make 2016 all about focussing on our health, peace of mind, strength and more (the list could be endless) for if we are happy, healthy and strong..those we love around us benefit so much more than otherwise.  Don’t put off today what you should do for you…….which takes me to point 2:

2. Don’t wait for a “wake up call” to put point one into action

Most of you know that I have had a life-threatening scare and my fitness level was the reason I survived. Period. That’s what the Docs say.  Having said that, thanks to my amazing parents – Lorna, 75….ballerina (real one!), and fitness instructor for 30+ years now (and I tell you….she deosn’t do the “easy” classes; she does what 25-year olds are doing with the weights and rocks it!) and Dave…brilliant soccer player from England (was taken on by Arsenal no less!) and at 82 still playing tennis, walking miles each week and more….I was literally born with the “exercise is important” gene.  So for me, my scare didn’t scare me into action – it merely ingrained in me to always have fitness or activity of some kind as part of my daily routine.  On top of which it made me want to really help others be the best they can be.

Your body will at some point “call” on you. Might be a whisper, may be a shout….either way, you want to be the strongest you can be so you can answer that call to the best of your ability. Why not give yourself the best opportunity to win?  Think seriously about this.  What can you do… feel your best, to know you rock “it”, to have energy galore to do things with your family – and to ensure that if you were to have a health challenge of some kind….you can answer that call and send it running in the other direction!

3. Be the example to your kids…..

Remember our kids are watching and mimicking what we do for the most part.  If you find you’re in a place where you are trying to work with a healthier eating strategy and add exerise to your life…..but it’s a struggle…..know that your kids may get to the same place when they are older. BUT! If they learn now the strategies for eating well – and have activity inserted into their everyday will become a habit…one they most likely will enjoy (or at the very least, enjoy the feeling AFTER!) and it will become a priority in their life. So as they age, it will not be a “chore” on the to do list to try to fit in. It will take time, effort and organizing…but once it is a part of your life, it’ll be plain sailing. So put the effort in now to show them how to shine like you!

4. Face the fear…..feel the amazing!

Many of you might know already that I founded “Bring It” a confidence conference for girls in grades 6-8 (website is:  This was completely stepping outside of my comfort zone. It was also something that had the potential to make me very ill (happened in the past…) – so for many reasons, I held back. The year I did decide to bite the bullet, AMAZING began!  And it’s continued on.

This year we have begun preparing it again…..and it’s been even more incredible. The Community coming on board is astonishing. The daily emails I receive of support and the offer to help in some way. Our phenomenal Team of women (you only WISH you could be part of our Team meetings..NOTHING stuffy there…so much fun!!) organizing. This whole experience has been eye opening and confidence-building.

I was at a conference last week and someone made this great point about fear: When I feel fear….I don’t run away…I’ve learnt to walk towards it. Now. There are of course fears you DON’T want to face: the lion running toward you (k…you’re on a Safari!) looking at you like you are lunch. But the OTHER fear; the kind that has butterflies in your tummy, has you stepping outside of your comfort zone….and is something you are meant to do? THAT’s the fear I’m talkin’ about. Meet it….face it……blast through it. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Positive thoughts, positive tribe, positive life.

It’s been proven through research that our thoughts do affect us.  On a cellular level. So…..if your neuropathways are clogged with negative thougths – going down to that cellular level…..I don’t think things will be plain sailing. Alternatively…..if it’s all positive drifting that way….just think of WHAT you could do!  Did you know we have approximately 70,000 thoughts a day?  I must research this point, but at an event I was at, it was pointed out that up to 85% of our thoughts are negative.  If this is true….how damaging could that be to our well-being? It is so important to think as positively as possible…to surround yourselves with positive people.  Have you seen those people out there where everything seems to always go wrong for them? Notice how they typically complain about lots that is negative, sad, tough? Then there are those who seem to live under a rainbow; they have challenges, but they face them….they think positively; people want to be around them and they succeed…..there’s something to be said for that…..

6. Final Point: So many feel the same….

To my final point……I sent out some questions to women in the Community recently asking them “deep”, insightful questions about how they feel.  As a result of these I’ll be organizing my Health Coaching Business around them – and offering workshops in the Community.  What I found was many women feel the same about life, events, challenges…..yet most think other women “have their **** together” while they themselves feel they don’t. Well…these responses were eye opening and greatly appreciated.  Just know….you aren’t the only one worrying about health, life-work balance, or how you look and feel.  The majority of those who responded had the same challenges and wishes. So the next time you are with someone who does appear to have that well-structured, perfect life…..(and if they do…ask them how!) ask them how they do it. What could you learn from them…..or you just might find that once they start talking….they feel the same concerns as you.  Women can be so supportive of each other. When we surround ourselves with these types of friends and networks; building that amazing tribe…there’s no end to what we can do…..

Til next time… the best TO you and FOR you…..make 2016 the year you’ll allow yourself the opportunity – to SHINE….

Coach Carolyn