I hope  you are all looking forward to not only a family-filled, friend-filled, healthy, happy Christmas Season, but also to the same for 2016.  The New Year is always an exciting time. It’s an opportunity for some to put the past behind them and start fresh if needed – or those with new, exciting goals, to put them into action.

This is exactly what Shine will be doing in 2016.  They say that your vision and purpose comes into clarity as you move forward down the right path (or something similar!). This is precisely what is happening for me…and I’m truly excited to see where 2016 leads!

What’s coming in the New Year?  MUCH! I would hope that you check out my exciting plans – and if nothing resonates with you, but there is someone you know it may, please share my info with them. I’m truly on a mission to help others be their BEST – and whether this is in a fitness capacity, confidence capacity or life in general….this year it’s happening!  See below why I’m excited!

BRING IT 2016: A dream came to fruition this year with Bring It in May of 2015 for girls in grades 6-8. Such a success (full house first year!) we are offering it again on May 7th at Brescia.  I’ve heard from many past Attendees, Parents, Teachers alike that they are excited for this to happen again. We’re doing something right!

WORKSHOPS: I’m extremely excited to be able to say I’ll be offering Workshops in 2016 beginning with January!  I don’t want to say much here – but I do hope you’ll check back or email me to ask at: shinefitness74@gmail.com for the exciting details. What I can say is some amazing Businesses in the City are collaborating with me on this…..

These workshops will be for girls and boys, various ages…and even women….lots going on!

HEALTH COACHING: My dream is to help as many as possible be as healthy as possible. I’ve always had fitness as part of my life. My Parents are amazing inspirations to me: Dave and Lorna Roden.  I also had a severe health challenge after our Son was born – and this really brought home the importance of being strong. Why? Since the reason I survived was due to my Fitness level and my body being able to fight the fight! What I want is to ensure that people don’t “start” trying to live a healthful AFTER a tragedy or wake-up call.  Be “there” for yourself and don’t wait til you need to. My Health Coaching is exciting; can be done in person, over the phone or Facebook/Skype. Let’s begin today to see where you are……and let me help you get to where you wish to go! 🙂

PERSONAL TRAINING: My usual one-on-one as well as group training. I’ll help out businesses as I have before and even pairs: friends, or even Spouses! Make fitness fun and do it together!

WORKSHOPS, EVENTS for Women: Women Who Bring It: This is VERY exciting for me!  I’m going to make 2016 the year I bring women together to help them with making their lives so awesome that everyday they get to stop and smell the roses.  It’s time. Let’s make this happen. Together. Stay tuned!

SUPPORT GROUPS: I have an intense need to help those who perhaps feel the challenge is immense.  5 -10 women. Let’s get together, support each other whilest I offer you information, education, support on how to get where you need to be. If you have 30-60 pounds to lose, this is for you!

Thank you so much to my Friends, Peers, Network, Clients……Cheerleaders in general who are such an inspiration and support to me. I look forward to ROCKING 2016 and hope you do the very same!

Carolyn spsrkle