I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I mean a LOTTA thinking.

About much to do with where I am.  We’re all in an “F” year somewhere. Mine is being Fifty….and how I feel about this (great btw; read on…), however you might consider these your fun years, of your forties. Fab years – or perhaps you feel in a funk? So apply this to wherever you are and take a look at what I’ve been mulling over these past few weeks:

I LOVE where I am.

Yes. You read that right. They say wisdom and a whole load of other things comes with age. And whoever “they” are…well. They’re right. Why do I love where I am?  (perhaps I should have expanded and added “WHO I am”). Continue on my sparkly friend and see:

  • I’m so comfy in my own shoes.  Some pink, some not. But joking apart, I have found me. This is why I feel so strongly about helping other women and girls “find” who they are earlier.  Why not feel this fabulous when we are younger.
  • Here’s a thought: there’s a video out there that shows 100 women being interviewed about what they love about themselves.  Young girls up to about 13 or so by looks of it are overflowing with the self love and excitement at life.  They have a list as long as they are about what they love about them.
    • Then there are the women 70(ish) and up who throw caution to the wind and love themselves more than I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful. They don’t have time in their life for crap, judgement, lack of body love and more. It’s “love me as I am or get lost”. LOVE THIS.
    • So what about the group in between? I want to help this group in between. From about 14 and up it seems the girls and women pick themselves apart. No longer focussing on what is awesome about them but more concerned about what are (perceived) failings.  They are uncomfortable saying anything good about them/ their body and you can see they don’t want to be judged.
    • When did this happen?
  • So …. I’m on a roll to help the women in those ‘in between years” (I tried …. to find an “f” term but just couldn’t so we’ll make do!). I want to help them see the fabulous in them. To understand they CAN flaunt their awesomeness and to not worry about judgement.
  • Getting back then to me….where I am. I’m at that place where I totally embrace all about me. Don’t like it? Don’t care.  I found that wonderful place of self-love in my imperfections. But they’re not imperfections. Everything about me has been a lesson or a struggle, an epiphany or a journey.  All I have been and all I am – was that way to have me become the woman I am today. Without any of it, i’d be half the woman I am.
  • I can guarantee… if you are not in your Fifties yet, that you’ll get there and look back in wonder at the incredible person you’ve always been and wonder why you didn’t see it – or rather BELIEVE it.  So…. how about starting now?

I show myself self love.

  • It’s about stopping to smell the roses. I learnt this one BIG time this Spring when I was very unwell. I got a wake up call and it made me make some important changes in my lifestyle and working habits. And you know what? I am so much more relaxed, WAY much more productive (yes….I slowed down only to become way more productive with my time) and I’m enjoying everything from that cup of coffee on the patio to the lovely breeze on my face….to wearing a pink and sparkly dress somewhere.
  • I say no (to things that don’t serve me, my family, my health, my work, my friendships etc)
  • I have created boundaries that I MOST importantly stick to now.
  • I treat my health and wellness regime as appointments; nothing gets in their way.
  • And if I have time to sit, I bloody well sit and no longer feel guilty over doing “nothing”. It’s all great stuff for our mindset – so have time to sit? Sit I say!
  • I have a nightly bubble bath.
  • I meditate daily (just ten minutes or so!)
  • I put the phone down……and sit and talk with my family. No phones allowed; face to face…..awesome moments.

Social media has NO place in making me feel less of myself.

  • Too many women and girls (people I have to say) get more and more depressed, anxious, overwhelmed etc….the longer they look on social media. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; people put their best faces on Social media (I’m including me!).  We KNOW people do this. We KNOW peoples’ lives are not always perfect even if it looks like they are on social media. We KNOW there are filters up the wazoo and photoshop; pretty much most pix are not original anymore. Yet women I speak to time and time again, compare themselves with what they see.
  • Let’s change this. Enjoy social media; look at it for what it is….entertainment. But don’t compare yourself to what you see. “Jane” may look like her life is perfection, but you can guarantee she is struggling with much just as many are.  Perfection, imperfection, comparisons, not having the “perfect” body, life, family. Not having much money; having too much money…the list is endless.
  • Scroll….read…..watch…..enjoy…..and leave it at that.
  • Have your feed reflect what you want to see; go through those you follow and unfollow anything that makes you feel less than you are. Keep it positive.
  • Cut the time you are on social media; plan to be on one hour a day and leave it at that. (Seriously).
  • Put your phone away. Sit down, look in the eyes of those you love and instead of scrolling, spend the time speaking with each other.

Age is BUT a number.

It really is. If I’ve learnt anything lately, it’s this.  I may be 50 now on paper. But man I can honestly say I feel 25 still. I really do!  You can talk yourself into being “old” or out of it.  I refuse to feel anything but energetic, happy, fun, YOUNG.  I don’t care the year I was born in, it’s all in the mind.  You can tell yourself “it all goes downhill from here” as I’ve heard SO much lately when people learn my new sparkly age….or…… you can keep going with the same vim’n’vigor as always and strut your stuff baby!  That’s what I’m continuing to do.

So wherever you are in life; whatever the “F” for you is…..understand you are in complete control of: YOU, your emotions, your happiness, your abilities, your dreams, wishes, goals – and your mindset.

We all have ALL we need within…it’s digging down deep and finding it (then using it).

THAT’s what I’ve learnt in my new “F” years.  So I’m still gonna Glimmer, sparkle, shine and hope you will too!

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