This week? YOUR TRIBE:

Why do I feel your Tribe helps with a healthy, happy life?  Simple.  We all know when you surround yourself with positivity; when you embrace positivity…it can only propel you onward and upward to do better, be better, and be happier.

I felt passionate about writing about tribes this week since I’m often reflecting on mine; how lucky I am with the women and men in my life, and how I find those in my Tribe truly are like-minded, even if we aren’t completely alike…you tend to attract what you are.

And…if you are anything like me, you have your “days”. Those days where you are tired, or low….where you don’t believe in “you” for some reason, or you need help.

And it seems to be JUST those days you hear from one or two in your tribe to bring your sparkle back.

We have different people in our tribe (and this topic is something I hope to inspire youth with). Different friends for different reasons.  We have the people you could call in the middle of the night, no matter what – and they’d be there for you in a heartbeat. We have those who perhaps not so much someone to call at the most dire of moments, but who will listen intently to your woes, happy tidings, or somewhere in between.

We also have those who are your biggest cheerleaders. They – no matter what – cheer EVERY step of the way. Promoting you, pumping you up…constantly giving you those virtual fist-pumps.  We have friends we can laugh with, cry with and do silly things with.

Those who are teachers and those who are inspired by you.

And…if you’re truly lucky, you have that friend (or two) who encompasses it all.

Have you ever had one of those days; where you actually do question either yourself, your abilities; or perhaps your journey, goals and if you are doing things the way they should be done?

And out of the blue, you get an email from someone so unexpected, but saying just what you needed to hear? Complimenting you and just plain old making you feel FABULOUS again?

Me too….it’s happened a LOT lately.  It seems whenever I need it, someone in my Tribe has reached out and said such wonderful things; and it’s made all the difference.

So….if we are surrounded by such great people…..and they help us feel better about ourselves; instill in us the inspiration we have to offer….pump us up when needed and listen to us when we need to talk….we are really helping our minds. This all lends to such positivity….and feels like a lovely, warm blanket – that we are happy, at peace, positive and inspired.

So how can it NOT be good for our soul?

And that….my friends….my “Sparkle Tribe” is why I’m a true believer that having awesome people around you is integral to our health and happiness!

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Sparkle on, my Friends!
Coach Carolyn

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