This is a heartfelt and powerful message of mine to others.

It took 30 years for me to not only truly know and understand my worth, but to almost get pissed off enough at people trying to get a ‘deal’ from me that I became brave enough to stand up for my worth – and lose a client here and there if I didn’t discount.

I still come up against this.  I had someone cancel at the last minute. Again. I had to explain that my time is valuable; that I work my very full schedule around them and I have to charge for last minute no shows (especially when I know I’m getting the run around).

I fought with saying something but in the end I HAD to because maybe in her eyes I’m ‘only’ a trainer (don’t get me started….) but it shows such a lack of respect.

Like any profession, any profession in #health to be good at comes with expenses, certification upon certification each and every year – but mostly experience with time and a boatload of passion for helping people have the BEST life possible.

Before, I’d keep quiet but now I see it’s not showing you believe in yourself if you can’t show your time is valued by you. .

A Trainer and Coach if worth anything has oodles of Clients and appointments around those. We block time off for each valued client – and fill in the surrounding hours with follow-up, research, learning, creating programs, and if like myself – about ten projects on the side to be out there in the Community. So every hour counts and if we knew we had ‘that’ hour off we could either have had a meeting sooner – or just stopped to take the time off.

It took getting frustrated too many times for me to finally evaluate all I’ve done in my 30 years of wellness; all the education I’d received – topped off with what I offer that truly inspires.

It taught me my worth professionally.

Knowing your worth; charging your worth doesn’t make you greedy or insensitive. Everyone needs to pay their bills.

People who ‘really’ get the huge importance to life of how healthily we live (I’ve almost died: I get it…) in the now, know they can’t put a price on health so don’t bat an eyelid on a investing in it. .

So believe in YOU and know your worth