2017 I learned. 2018 I listened. 2019 I grew. 2020: watch out!

I wish you such wonder for 2020! Whatever you are hoping to achieve I hope you succeed. Be it personally or professionally. You CAN achieve it – believe it and you will as the saying goes. When we think positively about ourselves, our vision, our abilities and our successes – we can do great things. When the mindset tells us we can’t – we tend to believe it and be right.

2020 for me is going to be about helping clients be more mindful and in turn find means and ways to embrace who they are, learn habits that help them grow, flourish and to get off the hamster wheel. Find time for themselves; showing themselves self love – and this can be in the form of finding activities they love, or quiet time. It can be in the form of eating better or being more active for health. Perhaps it will be getting back to things we used to do before the advent of social media; things like reading ‘actual’ books. Connecting in person with friends and such.

It’s going to be about getting back to the basics that allow us to flourish.

For this year I am excited about offerings:

  • Coaching + training
  • Workshops
  • Speaking
  • POUND (ya know how excited I am about this one!)
  • The Gathering Network/ Connection Group
  • Collaborations
  • Getting women together however I can and in many ways to empower each other, inspire each other and PUMP each other up!

It seems 2019 was a year many wish to forget. Let’s make 2020 the one we want to remember!

Carolyn is an ACE-certified HEALTH Coach helping Clients learn how to add habits to their everyday – simple habits – that will allow them to flourish. She is also a CCF-certified Life Coach and CFP-certified in Stress/Resilliency – helping clients evoke from within the keys to living a happy, whole life.

Want to connect with her? Email her here.