It’s a new year, didja hear?  We tend to think of new year, new year’s resolutions, new you even.  Perhaps we change that. Let’s make a life plan….life strategy that encapsulates health, fitness, great nutrition (which still means YUMMY!) and reeeee-laxation.

I have a few questions I ask many women; perhaps you can think about what your responses would be:

Do you exercise regularly?

If not, why not? What are your biggest challenges to doing so?

What would be your biggest help to becoming healthier; living a healthier lifestyle?

Where do you get your information from regarding health and wellness?

What (if anything) would you like to change; things such as: weight, nutritional habits, how you see yourself; your self talk if negative; your self body image, stress, fitness level, happiness, sleep etc…..

How important IS a healthy lifestyle to you?

In a room full of women, what would you like to sit down and talk about….being a non-judgemental environment where you and all could open up?

What advice would you give your younger self?

…The answers I’ve received so far have been amazing. Eye-opening. And…although using different language, the answers are really the same. We have many of the same issues, challenges, wishes, hopes and dreams.  So…..I’m on a roll for 2016 to help women with this. Are you coming along for the ride?

How can you start?  Get a fresh piece of paper (or open up a fresh page on your phone, iPad, computer etc.  I feel when you physically “write” something down…you stay more accountable.

Thinking about health and wellness now: answer first of all the questions above. Then write down how you want to FEEL by December 2016. What would you like to have succeeded at?  What goals to you wish to pursue and why?

Once you’ve done this, write down how you’d like to FEEL in 6 months.  3 months…..1 month.

We all know: feeling amazing is doable – and it takes work. It takes effort and intention, consistency and sweat.  Don’t think, just do.  I heard a saying the other day: “No trying: either do it or don’t do it”.  I love this – it’s putting it out there. Stop with the saying we’ll try. Let’s put our money where our mouth is and DO.

Write down your thoughts; see what you want to do and then get excited! Make a plan.  Lastly: stick to this plan. Don’t let anything get in your way this year.  Have only 10 minutes for exercise one day? Use just that 10.  You can do SO much with very little if you do it correctly!

I will be offering a few things this year: Health Coaching: helping clients find what their dreams are; formulate goals and then come up with a plan. Something that they can keep in place. So stay tuned.

I offer you a challenge:  To not end this new year looking back “wishing” you’d done something healthy; for you…Write down what you want to do, where you see yourself and how you want to feel…..and start tomorrow.  Check in with yourself once a week to keep yourself on track (or me….!) and don’t let anything be an obstacle to you.

Finally. Our kids watch us; emulate us; copy us; grow up to be like us.  Remember that what you do NOW will most likely be what your kids do as they grow up. This is SO key to keep in mind.  If you look after yourself, plan, organize nutritious meals and work hard at being healthy…..they will have this ingrained in them.  It is so important we help the next generation with leading a healthy lifestyle so it’s something they love and are used to……we are doing them a disservice if not. So … Do this for YOU and do this for THEM!

Stay posted. Let me know if you wish to be part of my newsletter subscription and let’s rock this year!!!

To 2016!


Carolyn spsrkle