Nothing like the feeling of STRONG

Everyone has a different reason(s) for wanting to be fit. Stronger; healthier; happier; whatever each of these looks like for them. ┬áBe it men or women…I have a space for you.

Want to disregard the numbers on the scales and instead “feel” what it’s like to be healthy…happy….STRONG?

In a judgement-free environment you’ll receive coaching on technique, form, safety.

You’ll be given guidance and challenges – at your pace.

And you will WOW yourself.

I’ve been doing this for more than 25 years now…and never stop loving the look on my clients’ faces when they feel proud of themselves. When they understand all they can be and do.

When they learn to appreciate their body for what it can do……no longer focussing on numbers.

From health bodies, to healthy minds. I do it all:

  • yoga-flexibility
  • strength
  • cardio
  • trx
  • meditation
  • cross-fit
  • HIIT
  • Tabata
  • With all the equipment you need.

Contact me here…you’ve come to this page for a reason and let me help.

Here’s to YOU!

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I have multiple packages:

  • Personal Training only
  • Personal Training AND Health Coaching
  • Health Coaching only
  • Online or in person and we create times that work for you.

Make this the week you take the opportunity to feel stronger, happier, calmer, more confident, sexier, healthier or whatever your reason(s) are.

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