It’s time to add some “slow” to your day. Yup. You read that correctly. We rush, we work hard to train our bodies and minds to get the body we want – yet do we honestly take enough time to slow down?

This is just as important.

So…join me for a weekly, 45 minute program of stretch and meditation. The more flexible your muscles are, the more you can do in both life – and in your strength workouts, not to mention the less chance for injury.  And your mind: let’s take just 15 minutes and breeeeeeathe.


group of 3 women doing yoga in nature


I offered this class recently to a group of women in Cambridge. They LOVED it.  It was short and sweet (some say just like me 🙂 and they were on their way to a lovely evening after.

So..waddaya say?  Grab some friends. Join me for some important – make that imperative – you time.
Contact me here to find out all the details. Make 2017 the year you really do things that benefit YOU.