Lifestyle Program

I will help you take the stress out of your life (let’s deal with that too if need-be) by creating plans and practices that will take you from questioning you, your abilities, your happiness and take you to this strong, capable person who is confident in all about yourself; doesn’t have time for lacking confidence and creates boundaries that you follow-through with.  Whatever YOU want to cover in the Program, we will. Been thinking about this for a while? Let’s start now….

What do we cover?

Oh where shall I begin: keeping in mind this is FOR you and ABOUT you; I will be talking with you initially to find out exactly what you want to work on. Let’s make this 8-weeks count.

  • Your Circle of Life: what do I mean? Many tout (and I used to if I’m honest here) the “life-balance”. But: sometimes we have one thing that needs our focus and energy – without feeling the guilt of others not having the focus at the time. We need to learn to be okay with that; guilt-free.
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Stress management
  • The power of NO
  • Conquering the Inner Dialogue and Insecurities
  • Social Media: tips and tricks to live with it today
  • Living a positive lifestyel
  • Productivity hacks
  • Apps for lifestyle
  • Any other “life” topics you wish to receive support with

What I offer:

See below….and remember we can “curate” a Program to topics that only you wish to cover.


Let me tell you a secret: I’m one of those Coaches who loves loves, LOVES to help people not only love themselves and their lives more…but I feel if I can help you – then the people IN your life will benefit too. So….tell me your wishes, dreams, challenges, wants and let’s get moving on this journey to you..

  • .Week 1: Let’s talk.  Let’s make sure we cover ALL that you want to change in an initial 60-minut
  • Week 2-5: beginning the…

Weekly email with action(s)

Weekly video


Mid-week Check In

Weekly Challenge prior to the weekend

Follow Up


  • We are creating new plans and behaviours throughout this Program; unlearning and re-learning as they say!
  • Week 5: Check-in time. 30-minute phone call to ensure you are still motivated; to acknowledge any struggles or challenges (we are continually doing this throughout the Program in our emails with our worksheet tools)
  • Week 6-7: Planning for future hiccups, so this new-found energy doesn’t stop once the Program does.
  • Week 8: Exit success call
  • 10% off ALL future courses.
I love to inspire and empower…. the list won’t end here. You let me know what you need and let’s work on that.


For pricing and Program details please contact me through the form below.

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Don’t ever doubt the impact you do on this planet, Carolyn.  You are truly one special, amazing person.

Danielle P.