Lifestyle Program

Looking to create more balance in your life? Find stress getting to you?

Or is there more……take a look and let’s see what we can do – together.

What do we cover?

Just some of what we can cover:

  • Life-Work-YOU Balance
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Stress management
  • The power of NO
  • Conquering the Inner Dialogue and Insecurities
  • Social Media: tips and tricks to live with it today
  • Living a positive lifestyel
  • Productivity hacks
  • Apps for lifestyle
  • Any other “life” topics you wish to receive support with

What I offer:

See below….and remember we can “curate” a Program to topics that only you wish to cover.


Let me tell you a secret: I’m one of those Coaches who loves loves, LOVES to help women not only love themselves and their lives more…but I feel if I can help you – then the people IN your life will benefit too. So….tell me your wishes, dreams, challenges, wants and let’s get moving on this journey to you…


  • Initial 30-minute discovery call
  • Weekly email
  • Weekly video
  • Worksheets
  • Mid-week Check In
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Follow Up
  • Accountability
  • 10% off ALL future courses.

What is the investment?

Don’t ever doubt the impact you do on this planet, Carolyn.  You are truly one special, amazing person.

Danielle P.