Embracing all you are, have, can do....

Carolyn’s passion for aiding women as they make the journey to self-love is unparalleled! She uses her own experiences, training and intuition to take groups from 0 to 60 mph in less than 120 minutes. Definitely recommend one of her body confidence sessions or working with her as a confidence coach!

J. Ellis

London, Ontario

Body Love!

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing to wake up every day and:

Embrace your body

Love everything about you

Not worry about diets, size, pressure

And just BE YOU? Unapologetically, beautifully, YOU?

This is possible! And below are just some of the topics we can cover:

How and why to be active for the love of your body.

Benefits (going far beyond typical “health) of a healthy, happy lifestyle

Fuelling your soul (not the scale)

Your inner dialogue

Your “outer” dialogue

Being your best friend



Activities for Self and Body Love

Confidence Tricks and Tips

Social media

Vision Boards


Guidance and Support

What I offer:

  • Initial 30-minute discovery call
  • Weekly email
  • Weekly video
  • Worksheets
  • Mid-week Check In
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Follow Up
  • Accountability
  • Post program success call
  • 10% off ALL future courses.

This topic is SUCH a passion to me! I want to help women and girls worldwide finally come to terms with the fact they can OWN who they are, their power, and find the understanding that they care completely in control of their beliefs and self love. Join me! I can’t wait to talk…register below (I mean, you’ve come this far!) and let’s talk….

Wouldn't it be a beautiful place to be - to love who you are, what your body can do for you NOW, rather than always trying to be something else? Join me.

Let’s get you showing the world the YOU that Shines!