Bring It Girls!

Confidence Conference for Girls


So far: the number of girls we've helped "BRING IT!"

For me, helping others succeed is important and as someone who grew up fairly un-confident, it was only natural to me to offer something to young girls to help them grow up feeling great about themselves.

In 2015 Bring It was born. A one-day Event we call a “Confidence Conference” for girls in grades 6-8 in London Ontario. Held at Brescia and with many brilliant Speakers offered a fun, interactive day full of energy.

Moving on from then…we’ve had our second Bring It Event held May 7th, 2016 which was another success.  We are so excited to be still evolving and are currently working hard on our next Event in September of 2018 for girls AND their Mothers/ Caregivers/ Mentors. Click HERE for tickets

We are also creating a Mentorship/Leadership arm to this Project. Through our Bring It Impact Agents (previously “Youth Leaders”) we have come to understand the importance of this role….and how we can help them more with offering training…and in turn understand they are the leaders of today helping our amazing minds of tomorrow (so stay tuned!).  So we are creating a movement of young leaders of today out to help inspire young minds of tomorrow.

We have many lofty goals for the coming years – all with the target of getting as much help out to the young of our Communities at as little cost to them as possible. Life skills are so necessary we are doing all we can to do our part in providing them at inspiring events which create friendships, learning, leadership, happiness, self love and belief and so much more. Not to mention connecting the Community around us.
Thank you London!


Bring It Girls

WHAT WE OFFERED at our inaugural event:

Speakers to offer tools for Confidence from many walks of life and different ages.

For every table of 5 girls, there is a young woman – a “Bring It Impact Agent” at the table to help facilitate the day, be friend and mentor to the attendees;

A Team of 25 Volunteers to help on the day;


Up to 80 Free tickets available: I wanted this accessible to EVERYONE, so local Businesses,  Organizations and anyone interested, can purchase a table. We then take these tickets to Organizations which work with children. For 2015, we were thrilled that 80 girls attended who perhaps otherwise may not have been able to.

Access to the day: Ticket prices will always be low – my goal is to ensure anyone can come.

What do I want out of this Annual Event? To bring everyone together; young and not so young!

Businesses helping people, the Community pulling together to help it’s Residents. Women helping girls so the young women of today can learn from what the “wiser” women offer. To bring awareness to the everyday; and let young girls know that many of us even as Adults, have days where we don’t feel confident – but we have the tools to plow through and you don’t have to be perfect. We want to create Leaders of tomorrow who have kindness and empathy.

Our hope is each year the Community gets involved somehow so they can be part of our girls’ futures.

We hope to show them how being empathetic and understanding of each other can create such support in life and from this, amazing things can happen. To learn they don’t need to be a certain body shape, type, weight to be happy. We want them to be healthy, happy, kind and not give in to the pressures of what the world tells them they should look like. And lastly….to not judge each other.  There is so much I want to offer to our kids, that this is the start. With a brilliant Team organizing this Event, we are starting somewhere; we’re a pebble in the ocean hoping to become a huge wave! Next year’s Event will be Saturday, June 16th. Please check our Facebook Page and Website for more details to come. Let’s help our girls “Bring It”!



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