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Young Women: 

I work with, speak to and mentor young women and thrive on it.  I do believe we can learn from each other and there is much I wish as a young woman, I’d known more of what to expect in life. But not only that: how to be healthy during such stressful times of life (ie, further education), how to incorporate healthy habits (ie, meditation) into your every day at a young age, so you aren’t trying to follow through when older and with a family. How to network with heart for business – or life!  How to love themselves and not fall prey to the pressures of social media and more.

I offer so much for young women and can’t wait.

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As a Mom, I’m not going to sit here and say we got it right; were perfect and tell you how to do it “our” way. But I will say we did a damn good job and in today’s day and age of such pressure, such “busy-ness”, and lack of time….I DO have much wisdom I can share that I’ve learnt along the way. We’ve all felt “mom-guilt” and then after find out we aren’t the only one who felt that way! Don’t do this alone! From communication, to stress-management, behaviour tips to how-to’s I can help you maneuver through this time of life and well…sparkle!

I want you to know…you aren’t alone. Click HERE and let me help 🙂


Can. We. Talk??

I don’t know about you, but I find this is SUCH an incredible time! No more concerns about what others are thinking. Loving our bodies just the way they are. No pressure to “be” – and no longer worrying about little kids, families…careers or anything else the way we did when younger.

It’s a time to “come into your own” and I want to help you feel as incredible as you deserve to feel!  It IS possible: I am proof. We are what we believe….so CLICK HERE and let’s get YOU believing how much you absolutely



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And get this: we can do this in person or over zoom! Don’t ya just love modern technology?

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