28-day Challenge: MIND-BODY Clean Up w/ Poundfit!


Included in base price:

  • 28-day Mind Body Clean Up Guide
  • Weekly Cheat Sheets and Challenge Tracker to set you up for success!
  • Daily motivational emails, videos and check-ins.
  • Weekly tips and recipes
  • One month of unlimited POUNDfit classes.
  • 24-hour access to the healthy-habits forum
  • Your chance to win AWESOME prizes!

Lots of goodness there, or what? 

Join today and register for heading into Fall losing weight if that is what you are looking for – and creating habits to help you get 

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Welcome to the 28-day Body-Mind Clean-Up Challenge – this time with 28 days of POUNDfit too! Talk about the pounds DROPPING off you before Xmas!

I’m pumped about doing this since it is definitely NOT dieting (ugh; never!); it is more about helping people incorporate habits into their life that work for them; allow them to ENJOY life and live the way that makes them feel energized and HAPPY – all while doing the best for their health. 

You ready? Check out below: the info – and first a comment from just one of my sparkly participants last time:

This was awesome and hard. I was not able to do all of them by the end there but I did pick up some good habits which was key. I struggle with carbs but now I am being more conscious about the carbs I eat and when.

I have dropped in all my measurements except for my abs. But miss flow is visiting me tomorrow so I am bloated and going to re measure after! 
I stopped tracking a while ago as it frustrated me when I could do it and made me upset but I kept the goals on a sticky not at work for motivation and reminders.  Thanks again for putting this on!   (Candice L: London Ontario)

WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE? – this one has a slight twist (or addition rather…)

On Monday November 2nd, I am challenging you to ditch some unhealthy nutrition habits to kick-start a new, healthier, more fabulous lifestyle!  On top of which – you will be “guided” to do certain workouts/ activity each week too.  Each week will be a different challenge to help you cut calories, detox in some way (don’t let that scare you – we are NOT doing a detox) and add nutrients to your day.

The challenge is divided up into 4 weekly goals

 Week 1 – Keep your drinks to as many zero-calorie beverages as possible.  Activity: Let’s move.

Week 2 – Add a green smoothie or raw veggies.  Activity: Let’s create space (peace).

Week 3 – Swap the white stuff. Activity: Let’s have fun!

Week 4 – Get a handle on the Dairy. Activity: Let’s “be you”.

Each week builds on the previous weeks habits (IE I am asking you to ditch any calorie beverages for 28 days soda, juice, etc).

Check out below for what is included. 

PS: there ARE options (aren’t there always?)…

For those who would like to take advantage of a month of unlimited Pound classes (man will this rev up the weight loss!) OR for those who would like the added benefit of personal one-on-one sessions, you can absolutely do this; I’ll let you know how (included in price).

This Challenge (all of my challenges) are definitely built on offering you guidance and the tools to create healthy habits and lifestyle changes – that stick – what this is NOT – is a quick fad; eat 500 calories to lose 20 pounds in a month – nope! No underlying change to behaviours there.  I hope you’ll join me and see how doable it is to build on habits and feel fabulous while doing it.