So you’ve not heard of Pound?

Or you have but you’ve not tried it?

My friend….wait no longer. If you are looking for something where you smile ear to ear (and beyond); that has you sweating as much as smiling and…… where you can feel like you’re in another world of fun ALL while working out and burning about 600 cals an hour…..

What would you say?

Wanna know more? Check out this link below – in a new window – and then hop on right back here to fill out the form below and let me you’d like to give it a go.

If you want community, fun, weight loss, strength-building, did I say fun?, badassery and….. ANY level, ANY AGE, ANY stage can do (I literally modify for all)….then look no further.

And….if I’ve not talked you into it yet, let’s chat. There won’t be pressure…only oodles of excitement.

Message me here! Can’t wait to chat and as we say in the world of Pound: MAKE SOME NOIIIIISE! with you 🙂 


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