Pound: Rockout! Workout.

Have you experienced POUND yet? And it truly is an experience.





I've been in health and wellness for 30+ years now. From Instructor, to Personal Trainer; Health Coach and Life Coach.





I have to say my role as a POUND Pro is my most exciting. I've never been part of a movement; a community and a way to enjoy fitness that I've been so invested in; so passionate about and so excited to share with others.





If you want to do yourself ONE favour this year; try this. Just humour me. You won't regret it and you'll be doing something that will have you enjoying how you move; how you hear music; how you connect with others (we really *ARE* a community; non-judgemental; supportive; fun; positive).





Check out the video below and see my current schedule. I'll be adding more classes in soon. I can't wait to hear from you. At the very bottom of the page fill out the form and leave me your email so I can let you know when the next class is - or the next "new" ones are being added in.










Do this for you.




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