Motivational Speaking

I have a message: one that I'm passionate about and love to share. Okay. If I'm honest, I have many....

Whether being Emcee, Keynote or General Speaker, the more people I can affect in a positive way, the better.

My topics vary, since my experiences have varied. But all have had an incredible impact I feel helps and inspires others. 

I speak to confidence, body image, self love and our inner dialogue.  On how and why we should embrace our “F” years; On how health contributes to confidence; from stress and anxiety as well as learning how to overcome fear to create something that fills you with pride.  And of course; being in the world of fitness I speak on the importance and how-to’s of a healthy lifestyle!

Having succeeded in sales, created my Coaching Business and a Social Enterprise called Bring It which creates Impact Conferences for all ages, I love to share my knowledge on stepping out of the comfort zone and creating a passion – as well as tricks of the trade that I learnt along the way such as learning to “speak” to people in the language of their personality and creating a sparkling network that is full of like-minded people who are your Cheerleaders.

What I have come to understand as I speak with women either in typical conversation or as a speaker at events….is that we have so many challenges we share. So any confidences we lack, which we think we are the only one….and so many times with just a little knowledge or inspiration from someone else, we’d get through so much better.

I’m SO passionate about helping women get through life in a way that is healthy, happy and where they understand they aren’t alone. And I love speaking to this topic and so many more. Younger, older; it doesn’t matter…..we all need to hear it.

I have my message(s) to share and can’t wait to speak for your Group or Event so drop me a line and let’s talk!


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I was lucky enough to recently be asked to speak at an Event for RBC on just this topic! Check out the fun we had – and then let me know when I can come to you!