You know what to do.

You know how to do it.

You know it would benefit you; your mind; your outlook; your stress; your energy; your love of self.

And yet the time continues to go on.

This is precisely why I offer this program.  It forces people into truly taking the time to. just. stop. breathe. be.

Join me for my 5-week Program dedicated to helping YOU find time in your life for most important person: you.

We can all find a few moments in our every day for us – but do we? Do we stop. be. breathe. listen to our thoughts. reflect on our day. create SPACE in our mind?

I can’t wait to offer this 5 weeks just for you and about you. It’ll be conversational, reflective, interactive and sometimes…just about being still.

If you’ve been wondering how to get off the hamster wheel of life and learn how to relax (I mean reeeeally relax), quiet the mind, find energy and time in your day (you truly can!) and focus on what is important to you and for you….please join me.

Monday mornings OR Thursday evenings.

Or….if you want me to come to you, your group or Organization, drop me a line! Love mindfulness and helping others with mental health – will travel 🙂

Contact me with questions or REGISTER HERE by clicking on the name: MOMENTS 


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