Live. Sweat. Sparkle.

When we feel good from the inside out it shows.  When we live the way we want to live, sweat out the stress and embrace our bodies…we Sparkle to those around.

If you are 40+, want to get that sparkle back and ignite feelings of self-worth, confidence, happiness while feeling top of your game health-wise, this program is for you.

We are made up of so many pieces; and sometimes need adjustment with one or all at a time. This program focusses on your soul; how we treat our Self, our mental health, emotions and inner dialogue as well as daily routines and the habits which help or hinder growth.

Perhaps you want to become more active on your own terms; in your own time and want some guidance, let’s incorporate this into the Program – I’ve helped many do just this and they sparkle as a result.  We create a plan and I offer accountability for you in achieving this. Whether we plan for you to walk / work out / dance or dust each week…..we create this so you can achieve!

Send me a message and let’s begin this journey to see what it is you want to focus on (can be any, all of the above or something that is personal to you) so you can show the world the 40+ year young badass woman you are but most importantly? So you can show YOU all that you are.

Email me for more info on this exciting new 3-month Program designed to help women SPARKLE.

For inspiration, confidence, support, acceptance, cheerleading, information - rainbows and smiles, contact me below....

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