It’s a very exciting time, I must say; I’m not excited about ME. It’s all about YOU.

You see…. my passion in life is to help other women literally shine from the inside out. And that’s why I have created my Online Course: Be Your Own Impact Agent. In another Blog I will address my “why” from a personal perspective; where you can truly understand I’ve been there, and got the t-shirt: of course a pink’n’sparkly one. However here, I wish to address why this course comes from such a passionate place and will hopefully help many women understand they can SHINE.

I hear you asking me: what does this mean? And how will it help?

Let me answer your first question. What DOES this mean? Through my years of working with women, connecting with women and speaking to women….the same threads appear with every conversation. Insecurities, challenges, worries, guilt, body image, confidence (or lack there of), stress, lack of time and putting themselves last with health and wellness. You aren’t alone: I’ve suffered through many (some to a debilitating degree) yet come through; so I feel your pain and am here to help.

We can’t go on like this continually. Something has to change. And THIS my friends is why I’ve created the course. So many are out there struggling, yet think it’s “just them”. So many feel they can’t put what’s “really” happening in their world out there to the world or on social media since they may be judged.

So everyone acts like everything is hunky dory in their world.

But behind the scenes we are all having such similar challenges.

If you knew me you’d know I’m a BIG believer in being REAL, RELATABLE and supporting through conversation. When I offer my workshops or presentations where I get women talking, sharing, inspiring – something is created. A freedom for them that they are not alone. That they CAN be imperfectly perfect and happy and in turn that propels them to face fear like never before.

This is what I hope my Course is for you.

It will touch on topics that come up in these conversations. It will hopefully plant the seed for you to alter your perspective on YOU and the world around you….and it will enable you to see you are NOT alone girlfriend! Once in my Community you stay!

Where do I begin with the benefits of this?

  • What would you do if you could do all you hoped without any fear of judgement or failure?
  • What would it feel like to learn that there are ways to turn things around, to build confidence, to put practices into place daily that will allow you to love yourself, deal with stress and face fears head on?
  • Imagine the feeling of walking down the street (let’s make that a STRUT!) with not a care in the world. Not caring what others’ opinions are but understanding the ONLY competition in this world that really counts is with YOURSELF?

This course is an intro; I have many more down the pipeline where I delve into only ONE topic in detail to really create change. This course WILL however get you thinking more about yourself, your thoughts, your actions and ways to begin taking the steps toward self love, health, happiness and inner strength.

And who doesn’t want that?

And if that weren’t enough…let’s think about the young people watching us, listening to us and the fact they are mimicking us. Don’t we owe it to them also to show them what being confident, loving ourselves is all about so they start sooner?

I think so.

And THAT my friends is why my course is called Intro to: “Be Your Own Impact Agent”…you might be taking it to Impact YOUR life…or those around you; family, friends, a group you belong to, a community you help with.

Somewhere, somehow though:

An impact is being made.

Sparkles and hugs,
Coach Carolyn