I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

I speak to SO many women on a daily, weekly, yearly basis and at the end of the day, regardless of our ages:

The same threads seem to always come up in the conversations.

Once women understand they aren’t the only one with what they are feeling, they feel liberated and empowered. And…. ultimately wonder why they’d felt that way in the first place.

So….a large focus of my work is to bring women and girls together to learn from each other and inspire each other.  One of the things I do at workshops, speaking engagements, etc… is have them write down what advice they’d give their younger self.

This is so incredible to do as an exercise.

Not only does it help them see where they are and how to change their thought process (or begin the steps to do so), this also helps women in different generations be it older or younger.

And I’m so about that.

So every week I’ll be sharing what women have written to see if anything resonates with you, for you – or with anyone you know:

This week’s advice comes from a sparkly woman of 52; read on my Friends!

“Embrace every stage of your life.
Never apologize for aging. Embrace the wrinkles along with the wisdom that life experience has given you.  We owe it to YOUNGER women (and ourselves) to model loving our bodies, as we age.

Help to emphasize the inside more than the outside.”.

Beautiful, huh?

Could not have said it better myself. Remember: these comments are coming from everyday people – with everyday challenges, hopes and dreams.

We can (and should) all learn from each other – and as a result feel connected and confident.

Sparkles’N’Sunshine to you!
Coach C 🙂