In order to BE…..DO.

So often it seems so very tough to even begin something; to keep it up and continue….and to get to where we want to be. Have you ever thought about “chunking” it down? This can apply to life, health, business, even family goals. It’s a simple enough concept – and perhaps gets us to our goals slightly slower than that “diet” of 1000 calories (don’t get me started) but it is all about creating a PROCESS. Continuing with it and being CONSISTENT. So how about trying this? Chunking it down. After all; when you make something EASY it is doable.
A little side-note to remember, habits/behaviours are tied to our emotions. If we WANT to do something so badly. If it means so much to us; we find a way.
A few questions to ask yourself are these, since at the end of the day your results come from? YOU.
  • How can you and what is the best way you can be held accountable for your goal(s).
  • How might you hold you¬†accountable?
  • How can you build this self-check-up to yourself – into your action plan?
Once you answer these you are on the way. A few final thoughts:
  • Don’t focus on the length of time it will take. Sometimes that focus deflates people and with the wind out of their sails they give up before they begin.
  • Focus on every day doing ONE thing that will get you towards your goal. One thing. Be proud when you do!
  • We all have “days” where we don’t achieve what we hoped. Or…we just feel low and not like bouncing after what it is we want. Be okay with that. You know what? On these days understand this: You are Human. Again; some people can come to a halt when they have a day that they perceive was a failure on their road to shining. These are actually the days you need to dig in your heels and continue on.
Want help creating your action plan and chunking it down? It’s a fun experience; thought-provoking and I’m happy to help. Email me at and let’s get started. Spring is around the corner. It’s a time to “bloom” – why not use this month to create your enjoyable, exciting life / health plan so when it’s time to toss of the winter coats, you feel like a new you! Sparkle and hugs, xo

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