So often we can become comfy with where we are and it’s easy to stay put, but lately I’ve been putting myself to the test and doing things that are new; that perhaps take me out of the zone du comfort 🙂 and….stretch me: my brain, my abilities and yes, my comfort.

In this day and age of trolls, judgement, backlashes and everyone having an opinion about everything, it can certainly be much easier, safer…heck kinder to stay put.  But not just for the benefits we gain, the lessons we learn but also to show the next generation(s) that we need to stretch ourselves and even more important that it’s okay to be uncertain about the outcome.

We can tend to wait until we are 100% perfect at something. Or …. that we are “fit” or in shape enough to go to classes at the gym.  But we can also be hard on ourselves; be our own worst critics…so does that 100% ever come along?

I’ve spent the last couple of years hiding. Now I know you’ve seen me out there…but compared to the person I used to be if I’m honest, I took a step or ten back. I needed to regroup and it was much easier to not try anything new. This way I could be firm in my abilities of what I was doing. Could control the things I could do in my sleep, but that new stuff? It was put on the back burner.  What if I tried and no one came? What if I did “it” and totally flunked it?

Well. What if.

So staying put in my comfy world was where I stayed.

But it was so easy to stay there.  Don’t get me wrong. I still worked; I still went out to (some) events – but I didn’t pick up the gauntlet and try “those things” that were burning inside of me.

I’m a speaker: I LOVE TO SPEAK; yet it was easy not to let people know; not to approach and not to market myself as such. So much safer.  But at the end of the day I had this burning desire in me to sing from the rooftops and I wasn’t living up to what I believe my full potential is.

So I’ve begun reaching out to businesses, people, organizations and you know what? I’m getting results! I’ve got people asking me to bring my messages to their people.

Lesson 1: Ask and you receive. People don’t know you want to do something until you reach out and say. There are too many voices out there in the world….don’t assume people just know yours is there. Tell people.

I’m a CONNECTOR: I looooove nothing more than to bring women / people together to connect, be inspired and learn from each other. It took me looking at all our photos online with my Hubby one day recently as we were choosing some new ones for new picture frames; that I saw all of these images, posters and logos I’d created for “ideas” of mine to do with bringing women together. Darn the ideas were good!  But…..I’d put them on hold. Decided it was easier not to do them and again that voice: “what if no one comes”???

Lesson 2: Just do it. As good ole Nike so eloquently stated.  Maybe no one comes (they did); maybe no one returns (they apparently are!) but we don’t know if we don’t try. And….if no one comes? Are you a failure? No my friend; you can hold your head up and say you tried.

On a side note, we can also feel there is so much competition out there that it’s just not worth attempting. Others are doing “it” and doing it so well – why would mine work?

Another way our inner voice can deter us.  I found as soon as I took the focus onto what I wanted to do; not caring about what is going on out there…..things began to happen.  Often we can talk ourselves out of things from what we see on Social media; figuring we aren’t enough. Time to kick that thought to the curb and beyond.  Stop side-lining yourself if you’ve been doing this because of what you see is going on out there. Feel you have a vision? A voice? An event?

Just do it.

And finally, the real stretch for me was becoming a Pound Pro. A workout like never before (to me) and ….. it’s incredible for so many reasons; the community it builds, the stress it bashes and ….. the work the brain has to do in order to do this class (participant OR teacher; it’s fast, furious and soooo fun!).

To offer my first class in this was nerve-wracking. Not because I didn’t have faith in myself but because I knew like every other first class I’ve ever done over the years….there would be mistakes left and right; there would be cobwebs to dust away and …. it’d be so far from perfect I’d need a magnifying glass. So:

Lesson 3: Stop thinking about the reasons to NOT do something. And start thinking about all of the wonderful feels you’ll get FROM doing something new and challenging. We all know it can all go up from the first attempt.  Yes, I screwed up. Yes…..I could improve my counting, or descriptions, or, or or…..but to get that first one done? Felt absolutely incredible.

What has been even more heartwarming though is the feedback from participants telling me it inspired them to try something new. That they were so proud I put myself out there, it made them want to try something new/ uncomfy. Music to my ears!  For me….it’s not necessarily the benefit to me for doing these things, but knowing what we did had some hand in helping someone else see it’s okay to step out of the comfort zone. To push their abilities (and surprise themselves) and to know there is support out there for all.

If you’ve been thinking “this is the week/ month / year” to try something that’s been on your mind…..give it a go. Now is definitely the time.  You’ll never know who is out there ready to support until you. You may make errors. You might flub a line. You may not do everything 100% perfectly the first time (helloooo; does anyone?!) but you’ve begun.

Take that first step and before you know it’ll become a huge leap.

You’ve got this, my friend.