I know and work with many incredible people.  We tend to work along similar lines or have very similar beliefs.  I’m passionate about helping others believe in themselves and feel so many need a little push in the right direction to get there, so asked Beth Sutherland, Empowerment Coach to offer some words from her perspective on how to believe in ourselves.

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Many of us are trying to help others believe in themselves, so thank you to Beth for offering her wisdom below! And today….BELIEVE……

I’ve asked each Guest Blogger – to answer my question too “what advice you’d give your younger self”….so check out Beth’s response to that…

Beth’s wisdom:

So Our Beliefs Are Everything – They Stop Us or Propel Us!

A thought repeated over and over becomes a belief. That thought can come from external influences such as; family, school, church, media, politicians, and friends, or from us. Because of these external influences, some of the beliefs we have created about ourselves, are just NOT true.

Ok let’s all admit it right now, there is a dialog continuously running in your head! Your self esteem is responding to that dialog (positive or negative). The positive thoughts create a response of oxytocin, and positive hormones and action. The negative thoughts create the response of adrenalin and cortisol etc. and fight or flight. Is your dialog nice, or a bully? If it’s negative, or you have depression or low self esteem, it is time to challenge that dialog and create a new one!! The scientific term is Neuroplasticity, you can change your brain (and create new neuropath ways carrying happy hormones etc.) by changing your thoughts. Dr. Norman Doige, describes in his book, The Brain That Changes Itself. If I had have known that as a kid, life would have been very different and here’s why.

As a child and young adult, I had a very low self esteem. Although I didn’t hate myself, I certainly wasn’t always my best friend. School was difficult for me, low marks and lots of stress because of difficulty reading, writing, and arithmetic during school. A professional career was going to be out of the question, so I was encouraged to be a secretary (which turned out to be a fabulous journey – but that’s another story) but at the time I felt ‘less-than’ others around me. At age thirty, after taking a NLP course, it was explained to me why I had such difficulties in school. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with me; I just learned differently than 95% of the world (only 5% of the world has my brain profile). I was able to change my brain by doing Brain Gym exercises and affirmations. Knowledge and learning, all became easy. I created new neuro pathways however, those old beliefs that I heard from others, not smart enough, not trying hard enough, not going to be like others imbedded deep with evidence. By continuously working on providing the new evidence when an old thought appears is key! I now have evidence that I am/was smart enough, I wasn’t lazy, I did care and I could do whatever I set out to!

Belief Check List:

Is it true now?
Is it my belief or someone else’s about me?
Is it old negative loop thought, and now I’m different, but the old thought is still there?
To change a thought/belief, you have to interrupt it in its path, and then change the evidence!! The negative loop will eventually stop and the positive will become the loop.

Advice I’d Give My Younger Self:

Don’t be your own bully! Cancel the negative stuff immediately and apologize to yourself.
Say three nice things about yourself everyday.
Be patient with yourself.
The brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and what you tell it! So tell it what you want, not what you don’t!

About Beth:

Beth dove into the Self-Help Movement in the late 70’s, and had the benefit of learning from the masters. Bob Proctor, Richard Bandler (one of the fathers of N.L.P.), Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Zig Ziglar, Adam McLeod and the list goes on! She learned by experience, that our thoughts are directly related to our ailments, how we feel about ourselves and of course, the action/motivation those feelings produce.

Beth took a Neuro Linguistic Programming course while in sales and loved it so much became N.L.P. Practitioner and provides a unique coaching experience which can include intuitive healing sessions, workshops, and programs for the Body (physical ailments), Mind (goals and desires – including Sales Empowerment) and Spirit (relationships and connection) Expect Profound Change

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