Family Coaching!

It’s all about family, no?




Here’s what I’ve come to understand. Typically there is one person in a family who wishes to get in shape, eat well, have great life-long habits first. And they are doing it on their own. Putting wonderful habits in place yet the rest of the Family is not part of the experience.

Why not, I asked?

Or.  The kids go to school and are getting access to awesome workshops and information about healthy lifestyle….yet perhaps they come home to a home where some help is warranted in this regard. But it’s tough to a kid to push for these things….and really – it’s up to the parent(s)/ caregiver(s) to be on  board.

So: Realizing this, I’ve created a fun, interactive, did I mention FUN Coaching Program for the entire family.

We all get together; everyone gets involved, and is part of the process. Not only does it become a way for the ENTIRE family to be healthier, but guess what? You will be interacting, talking, researching perhaps (don’t worry…this will be fun!) and at the end of the day spending time together in a world where that sometimes can be touch.

Topics we can work on:
  • Nutrition (no…NOT dieting, or depriving; something you all want!)
  • Fitness/ Activity (enjoy being together where you all benefit!)
  • Time Management (guess what? By doing this program…you’ll find your time is more your own!)
  • Goal-setting (this never hurts; let’s get creative!)
  • Planning (learn how to not “wing it” every week…stay ahead of the game)…
  • Anxiety/ Stress alleviation (stress comes in many forms at many ages, check out how to change this!)
  • HOW to have fun as a family, be healthy as a family, enjoy family!

And much more.

So.  Does this sound interesting enough to contact me about? Let’s get a BIG YAY! Contact me here today and let’s begin this.


Let’s do this together! 🙂