Workshops and Events

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Together we inspire each other; motivate each other and lift each other up.  Over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, we discuss the world, encourage each other and ultimately feel we can move mountains.

My group workshops  – online or in person, are JUST about all the above. Bringing women together so we can not only help each other…but learn about ourselves; getting the conversations flowing WITH each other…we learn so much FROM each other.

The workshops are on the topics listed below (with oodles more workshop topics to come….)

They can be organized anywhere. I travel to University/ College Clubs, Organizations, Businesses, General Clubs and Events to offer my workshops all designed to help you focus on the importance of health, wellness, and overall happiness.

Listed below are just some of the topics covered :

Something resonate with you? Let me know. Want more? Let me know that too!

Social Media and Pressure

You are not the only one

Healthy Habits: How to incorporate them (and more importantly, “what” are they? into your life

How to deal with stress  (especially in instances such as before exams)

Real Self Love vs. Fake Self Love: Finding Balance

Let’s talk anxiety and fear

Body Image and Body Consciousness

The Language of Love: how we speak to and about ourselves; the language we use with our kids

Eating for Self Love and Happiness

Doubting. Feeling Not Good enough and Negative Self Talk

Consistent Dieting: why (and how) to avoid it.

Guilt and Sticking to Boundaries

Leading the way for the younger girls in our lives.

The importance of Mindset: Positive affirmations and more.

More info to come, in the meantime, have questions?   Contact me here and I’d love to talk!