embracing stress

Yes. It says “embracing”.  That’s for a reason….

Do you feel stress is the bad guy? That it keeps you from doing what you’d love to be doing…or perhaps you aren’t happy because of this? This workshop will show you quite the opposite. How not only we need it, but it CAN be good for us (did you see what I just wrote there?!) and we CAN handle it; use it to our advantage.  This workshop has me TRULY excited! Come on out and learn all about how you can use it in a way to excel!

I’m organizing this Group to help women literally shine from the inside out; to understand more about stress and how to work WITH it and on top of which meet likeminded women and increase your network! What’s not to love?

This workshop is just $35 – why would you NOT invest in yourself, surrounded by other women with similar goals and for a great price?

Contact me HERE to sign up today!


Pay it forward: what’s this? If you know of a woman who SHOULD be there….but for whatever reason could not make this financially work, please let me know (this will be very discreetly done!) and you can pay just $20 for her to join us).

What you get:

  • in person workshops – with the energy of up to 11 other incredible women
  • Discussion (if there’s ONE thing I’ve learnt, it’s we learn when we share); understand you are NOT alone
  • Worksheets (some to get you thinking about YOU)
  • Educational articles to help you understand OH SO much more about stress
  • Journal (the other thing I have learnt, is we benefit so much when we write! Beware: I’ve learnt a LOT!)
  • Private Portal – Facebook group just for you!
  • Goal-setting with the topic in mind, accountability from your group
  • Tips, help on how to deal with stress.
  • Final, 30 minute phone call (you know me….I’m sure we’ll go over that!) to see how you feel at the end of the mastermind.
  • Coffee, tea, yummies as we celebrate the new, confident YOU!

Fill out the contact form below to find out the dates of my next workshop and sign up today! I can’t wait to share this mastermind with you and the other incredible women joining us!