Oh Girlfriend! You so deserve to shine…


Think of me as your Biggest Cheerleader, Private Confidence Coach and Voice of Accountability. spsrkle

How can I help? See below….

Embrace Your FLAWsome Program:

Break free of keeping track of numbers! Let’s improve your body image; your inner voice and your confidence! And let’s embrace all that is you!  Time to find your Inner Diva and learn to love the awesome woman that you are!

Healthy, Wealthy YOU: 

I truly believe that when you are healthy in mind and body, you are wealthy beyond belief.  Without our health, we are truly nothing. We’re kicking the word DIET to the curb, we are going to help you understand it’s QUALITY, not QUANTITY and that you are important enough to put yourself and your health FIRST.  And we are going to introduce and create positive behaviour change…by adding some “nudges” here and there to your routine (in other words little prompts that don’t take much yet will help you become healthier in no time!) and before you know it you will be leading that healthy, wealthy, you lifestyle – without feeling pressured for time or anything else! 

I’m here to help women sparkle one woman at a time. Why not start with you?.

Strut Your Strong:

This program incorporates both health, wellness and confidence.  I do believe if I’m honest that confidence so comes with feeling strong and healthy, and this program takes the best from each of the above and combines them to create a program to help you shine. #strutURstrong

For Cost and more information contact me HERE

Stop. Breathe. Be.  (Stretch/Meditation)

Our mind and heart are SO important. So be good to both. Join me for stretch and meditation classes weekly. You’ll be “forced” to slow down for 40 minutes in your day and your mind, heart…will be happy for it. Contact me HERE for details!

Hold your horses!

You can work with me in any capacity: it’s not just what is offered below. Wish to have a certain amount of training or coaching for a specific time? I’m yer gal. Let’s talk…so contact me HERE. 

Let’s keep this simple: I can help you: In-person or ONLINE, Hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly.

I offer Life and Health Coaching and I offer Personal Training.  I have monthly programs which incorporate coaching, facebook portals, online support and educational elements.

I offer quick, monthly programs if you just wish to try me out OR have a quick “re-set”.

I offer a multitude of variations; so YOU let me know what you want and we’ll do it.

I’m a big believer in – if you are enjoying something, doing it the way you prefer, and in the way that you learn best, you will STICK with it. So let’s go!   Contact me HERE!