Social Media;

It’s here to stay and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. However….it can take over hours; have us sitting a lot as we look at it. Cause some people to feel less than the wonderful person they are seeing all of the “perfect” out there that they feel they aren’t. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Having said that, there is also so much that’s positive about it.

We can keep up with people / friends / peers from all corners of the globe (it’s round. I know….) whom before it was “here”, we wouldn’t have been able to.  And, for many (myself included) we can market to people in Cities, even Countries, that normally we would not have access to.

There is a whole course I can (and will) do on social media for young kids especially.  It’s here so there is no point in trying to fight it, stop it. It’s about learning to work with it in a way “we” are in control of “it” and not the other way round. In a way that doesn’t have anyone feeling like an imposter or depressed.

I must admit, toward the end of last year I was in creative mode. Creating post after post for the social media platforms I am on. Image after image. This led to me mucking about more than I should on social media in between clients and I became frustrated.

I wasn’t feeling great.

For me it wasn’t about being affected by what I saw; I know that social media is a world of “put your best foot forward” and talk about this to women and girls A LOT. For me it was more that I was sitting on my tush, not being productive and ultimately feeling mad at myself for this. This wasn’t a great way to end every day…especially for someone who espouses mindset, healthy habits and more. So more than anything I found this incredibly interesting.

Another interesting point was this too; when we are diddling around on social media – we are mostly sitting. We KNOW sitting for too long isn’t good for our health. So this is also a big reason I want to help others understand the importance of movement – and this entails less screen time.

I love social experiments and so decided to do one with myself as the experiment 🙂

  • First, I decided to completely take myself off one of the platforms for a month over the Xmas holidays (including time before and after).
  • At the same time, for the one I was on, I decided to time-block.
    • With this in mind, I decided to block @ 30 mins in the afternoon. Typically a time where I don’t have clients (mid-afternoon is always a good time to get back-office work done so this was perfect). To add to that, I was “only” allowed to go on it, if I’d done all of my work; been productive.
    • Why the afternoon? Great question: go on in the morning and time can become wasted bleeding into the rest of your day. So…block the time in the pm when nothing much would be going on, and two things happen:
      • You don’t stay on as long as perhaps otherwise (remember to put the “stop” alarm on your clock”) and,
      • Because you planned to be on social media at a time where you didn’t have anything else to do (maybe) you don’t feel pressured and you don’t feel unproductive. It becomes a fun pastime rather than something you feel a tad guilty for doing.

Something wonderful happened. A few things actually.

  • I didn’t miss being on either platform. One bit.
  • My mind was clear to work on much else and be so productive.
  • With the platform I was on for 30 minutes? Even better (and I’ll tell you I’ve kept it going and this is now my M.O. for working with social media)…. not only do I keep to the time, but I actually don’t even spend the 30 minutes on it. I create my posts/ images….post them…..connect with people (I try to make sure I connect with those in my world each day) and then I’m off.
  • No scrolling for days….no comparing… feeling unproductive.

I am pretty sure most of us have a “screen time” app built into our phones. I keep track of mine daily. It’s important to me that I practice what I preach and am not on my phone much in a day unless it’s work-related of course.  I was thrilled to see my screen went down and that means I’m doing much more in the “real world” which makes me feel FAB-UUU-LOUS.

It really is easy to get caught up in hanging out in the social media world.  Especially on a lazy weekend; every now and then it’s not a bad thing to sit back.  With us controlling the time, it’s effects and what we do/ when we do it, that’s fine. When it takes over; that’s a whole different story. And…even more important if/ when our kids see us playing around on it a lot; they are learning at a young age that it’s okay. So let’s show them in a healthy way how to use it.

I offer a Program on embracing social media for girls (and incorporate it into my talks for adults too). Another topic connected to this is a social media detox and creating feeds that feed our soul. Ask me for more details; I’d LOVE to talk to your group or help you with this.

So….since you are reading this, why not take action right now: grab your planner – look at each day (doesn’t have to be every day; even BETTER!) and plan the time you are going to give yourself to hang out in the social media world. Give yourself that time if you want it; knowing you aren’t taking up productive time elsewhere….. and let me know how it goes.!


Coach C xo