The why's of being healthy.....

We have come to understand that “being healthy” isn’t just about warding off illness (still a very important reason) but there are so many more just as important reasons to be active and embrace a “healthy eating strategy” as I like to call it. In no particular order, a small list follows: Socialization Mental Health Strength Confidence Body Positivity Staving off illness Strength Many blend into each other; or….one benefits another (ie, gaining confidence might help with anxiety and so on). It can be a challenge to not only incorporate healthy habits into the every day…but to keep consistently doing them, so I’ve put a list together of some ideas that are small, simple…yet can yield such great results. Remember: it’s not the result….it’s the process to keep your eye on. We all have “that goal” we hope to achieve. Think it; keep it; remember it….and then flush it for the time being…since it is the steps you put into place EVERY DAY that will get you there.  Just one thing here and there leads to success. Focus on your daily successes; the baby steps; little tidbits rather than longing to get the end-result. Each day promise yourself one thing you will accomplish to get you closer to where you want to be, remembering that slow and steady always wins the day. What are some things you can do?
  1. Don’t feel you have time? Then determine what you can do. Only have ten minutes? Then do something for ten minutes. You can walk the block; or head down to your basement and do a mini workout. Oh the incredible workouts I’ve had when I’ve only had 10 minutes. What you do in a short amount of time will be totally different to an hour workout; adjust this and you’ll feel success. This also creates CONSISTENCY. By doing it no matter the reason; no matter the time…you get in the swing of things and nothing stops you.
  2. Grab a friend and go for a walk, run, bike ride with them. We tend to have time for social coffees so why not make it a moving one? The more movement you can add into your everyday the better. It’s been studied time and again and the results are in: SITTING too much is bad for our health so get creative and head out with a friend. The great thing about having someone else involved is you feel less inclined to back out if it’s a busy day – or for any other reason; you’ll want to keep the date with them and in turn…you keep the date with your health goals.
  3. Track your movement. Wear a fitbit or apple watch – or…use an online app.  These can do wonders again for helping motivate you to not miss out.  It might seem simple, but seeing the days of activity add up day-by-day, week-by-week; is great for motivation – and again….keeps the consistency.
  4. Set daily goals: whether it’s a walk, a glass of water, meditating or creating that healthy meal – set yourself “healthy living” goals each day.  Enjoy the moment yet at the same time these actions are reinforcing your habits… these things become part of your everyday.
  5. Calories in, calories out. Some people disagree; but again, studies conclude that expend more energies than you consume and you’ll lose weight (and vice versa).  Be mindful of what and how you eat. Eat to enjoy…..but know when to stop. Listen to your inner cues; are you still hungry? Do you need to finish the plate? Are you satiated?  At the end of the day we truly are what we eat… make it all count – and help you achieve those goals while GLOWING in the process.
  6. Start really listening to your inner voice: Following on from point 5 start to really listen to how you feel. Are you hungry or thirsty? Are you eating because you need to – or out of boredom?  Be honest with yourself; and have a small list of questions you can ask yourself as you dig in…..this habit is such an incredible one; in time….even if you don’t like it at first….it really helps you understand your needs, wants and get you to your goals.
And don’t be hard on yourself. It’s not always easy to be healthy. Neither is it always perfect. But don’t let that stop you on your road to the best you.  With so many health issues today, adding one small step to your routine will do wonders. Have questions? Email me at:  I typically respond within 24 hours. Hugs’n’sparkles! xo