Last week I offered some tips that help me get through this Season which always tends to be faster, busier, fuller than usual.  It made me wonder what ideas other people have – and wouldn’t it be cool to find out what other women do? I reached out to some sparkly women I know; to see what they would offer. So many sent such great information that I’ve split this into two blogs; this and the next one in a few days.

I already know some activities I’m going to incorporate into my/ our Christmas and winter Season. See if anything resonates with you:

Diana Carreiro

Makeup & Hair

Represented by: P1M Canada

I love Diana’s advice. Christmas can become a tough Season when we spend so much of it stressing about who to get what.  I’m sure the majority of my grey hairs have come from this each year.  See what she has to say – and see what traditions you can begin:

“If you’re not already, get your family to participate in ‘Secret Santa’. It takes the physical and financial stress out of shopping as you’re buying for one adult only plus any children in the family. Set a price limit that works for everyone’s budget (ours is $50) and randomly choose one adult to purchase for.

Find something that makes you the happiest during the holidays and make it a tradition.. something to look forward to that isn’t a chore. For me and my husband, it’s writing Christmas cards by the twinkling tree while sipping mulled wine and listening to the Christmas carols of my youth.”

Jill Ellis Worthington

Jill owns Write On Communications: she takes your words to bring business to your business! (and she REALLY does; I speak from experience!)

I tell you; I read Jill’s tips and immediately wanted to head to my bath, with wine, face masks and more. But alas….it was only 10:00 a.m.  Is that a bad thing lol? Jill is a wonderful soul; she knows how to work hard – and to enjoy life to the fullest too! Read to see her wonderful and sage advice…

“My tip: Just hide

Me time is a well-worn phrase that is difficult to do, especially during the holidays. So I say, just hide.

Here’s the deal:

  1. Head into the bathroom and fill the tub with scented water (use that bath bomb or oil you’ve been saving).
  2. Lock the door.
  3. Pour a glass of wine.
  4. Glop on the face and hair masks that will moisturize the cold, winter-dried body parts.
  5. Pull up Netflix on your laptop.

Now here’s the secret – you only need about 20 minutes of alone time to rejuvenate, right? But laughing and getting ‘out of your head’ will make that time seem much longer, richer and more beneficial. So tune into Life in Pieces or Brooklyn 99 for a 20-minute laugh fest. You get to giggle at some other family’s antics instead of groaning at yours.

  1. Set laptop on the toilet or counter next to the tub so you can sink into the warm water while watching.
  2. Whenever you need a ‘mini me break,’ tell people you’re meditating so they’ll leave you alone as meditating is ‘legit’ and a totally admirable way to spend time – pamper bath is often poopooed as indulgent but it’s the key to sanity.
  3. Have a happier, saner holiday!”

Carol Fickling, FMA, CIWM, CIM

Fickling Wealth Management | Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner | RBC Wealth Management | RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Being in the world of health’n’wellness, you KNOW I was ALL over the first point, however it was the second one here that had me envisioning our twinkly lights and calm evenings; and just thinking about this had me relaxed! Oh my, between bathtubs wine, twinkly lights and cuddles; I’ve SO got this Season handled! She is so right: it’s not about the gifts – the material ones. It’s so much about the gifts of friendship and love…. Read on:

“Keep exercising. During the hectic season it’s more important ever to keep the blood moving and reduce stress. Either by taking a walk with the dogs, going to the gym, doing a yoga class. Anything to help keep you grounded.

I also love turning off all the lights in the house except for the Christmas lights. Pour a glass a wine and just take a deep breath and enjoy the season. Christmas isn’t all about the gifts. It’s about the spirit of the season and what it represents….I try to connect with myself and turn off the mind. This can be done for 10 minutes or longer.  Whatever feels right for me. Even better if you get your partner to enjoy it with you as you cuddle on the couch.”


That’s a whole lotta wisdom there. Different views, different tips, different ideas.  I’m good to go this Season.

One thing I want to say to you is this: make this Christmas Season the one that you are going to put time in place for you, for you and your family and friends. There’s a gift right there 🙂

Coach C xo