Much of what we do is about our behaviours, beliefs, habits. Our eating strategy is no different.



When working with Clients I try to keep is simple (KISS method: Keep It Simple & Shine 🙂 We can try every fad diet out there – but the truth is even if they “work” at the time most people gain back the weight lost and more.  We can try pills, powders and anything else promoted to the world as the magic “something” – yet, again….once we stop taking these and get back to everyday living, the results slip away.

It actually is simple. Maybe not at first to implement…but it’s a simple way of eating, living and being. I realize this is “my” belief and what I promote but honestly at the end of the day, it’s not about “taking” something to get the results, or depriving yourself of something to get them. Why?

The underlying behaviours aren’t being changed.

The only people who gain from these practices are the people who create the diet, the pills, the magic “win”.  It’s a billion dollar business so they are definitely gaining.

Eating “well” isn’t for a season. It’s not a button to turn off for vacations and “get back to it”, although do not get me wrong I’m definitely not saying to not enjoy your vacations. This is precisely my point: let’s get you to a way of fuelling your body and mind in a way that you don’t feel the “need” to change anything come summer or cruise-time. To a place where you don’t feel the need; and it can honestly happen. And more importantly; if you choose to ‘treat’ yourself there is no problem to you.

I like to practice what I preach. I LOVE my food. I mean LOVE it. And I used to eat a LOT of it.  I came from a childhood of diet-talk and diet-ing. It was so regular and prevalent that really by the age of 12, I was constantly on one diet or another. I thought I was fat. I thought I needed this.  Yet when I look back at my photos at this age and older, there was nothing I needed to change.

Remember this, the next time you talk about dieting in your home the children are listening – and taking it in. (Can we agree by the end of this post…or even better, right now … that you will replace that word with “eating strategy”? Has a positive connotation to it and the kids hear this, they don’t think diet or deprive).

Our children hear everything; we say fat, jiggly (for fun or in jest about ourselves)?  We talk about dieting regularly?  We are setting kids up to be the very same as they age. So….let’s change how we do this and set them up for success at the same time helping you with your health goals. But not just for the children!

Every time we speak this language….we are reinforcing it to ourselves. We have thousands of thoughts in a day.  And a significant number of these are negative. Let’s switch this on its head. Start talking with a positive slant; especially when it comes to you, your eating, your body love.

Let’s get back to what I mean by the “keep it simple” method.  Instead of heading out and re-stocking your pantry and fridge with fancy things that we don’t even know how to pronounce, let’s instead work with what you HAVE. What you (and/or your family) are used to and what is healthy for the body and mind.

I’m a big proponent of eating for:

  • health
  • happiness
  • mindset

Yes, many want to lose pounds at the same time. I get it. But….let’s create a healthy strategy you can follow for life. That doesn’t deprive, that has you enjoying life but at the same time being good to your health and wellness every day.  One that doesn’t leave you dreaming of the foods “you can’t have”. That doesn’t leave you wanting to bite the next thing you see. One that doesn’t leave you wanting. One that doesn’t leave you crrrraaabbbbeeeeee.

This is SO doable!

This is something I’m SO passionate about helping clients with. Since I’ve done this. I’ve taken so many clients to this place; clients who swore they couldn’t eat less sugary-sweetness without wanting to hit a wall; who felt they’d never get over their needs to snack – and who are shocked when they “humour me” and find they are thoroughly enjoying how they eat, are hitting their goals and OH MY! aren’t hungry for snacks.

On top of all of this, I definitely agree that our GUT health has much to do with our health; and if this is the case, why not feed the gut well?  I have an incredible debilitating auto-immune problem. Rises up about every 6 months and is excruciating.  On top of which I can’t wear clothes, can’t walk and I become disfigured. I tell ya; it’s a very humbling thing to get; certainly has you get your priorities straight. I’ve tried EVERYthing to decrease the severity of it. This year I decided to go with diet changes. I won’t say “what” since these diet changes are for the gut but very much geared toward what I get. However, I WILL say it’s been life changing. And the idea came from the theory that our gut is very much a huge driver of our health.

Getting back to the nitty gritty, here you go. Try some or try all of these. I have more….so if you want more help or details? Click HERE with no obligation and let’s talk. To begin changing behaviours try some or all of these:

  • Consume foods that are “closest to the ground”. Ie non-processed foods weren’t grown lol.
  • Ensure you have breakfast (many people skip this and it’s THE most important meal of the day).
  • Look at what you have in your pantry. What is healthy that you could keep and use, what is processed, sugary, unhealthy that you could lose? And then toss that stuff. Start fresh.
  • MINDFUL EATING: I am thrilled that one of my clients currently is doing this. In her own words she snacked ALL the time. Was never hungry since she was always eating. Now if she’s hungry she actually takes a few minutes to determine if she actually IS hungry. Every time, she’s realized she isn’t; moves on; and survives the day. Do you know how many calories ingested you could “save” each day by eating mindfully? If you ARE hungry then you decide to eat something that will benefit you; fruit, veggies, hummus etc.
  • Drink more water.
  • VISUALISATION: Did you know a signifiant amount of daily calories are consumed AFTER dinner? Crazy, eh? This might sound crazy, but sometimes it’s just a reminder we need. Put a sticky note on your pantry and/or fridge stating “kitchen closed after 7 pm.  You’ll be surprised about how a reminder like this can help you.
  • LISTEN: what is your body telling you? Need water?  Need nothing? Need something? Once you’ve determined the “what” then determine what the best course of action is. And if you truly are hungry, make choices with your health and happiness in mind.  Opt for something to power you up, or to help your skin. Just don’t eat “just to fill”; that’s when the goodies full of sugar tend to be consumed.
  • Not really hungry but your body is telling you it is? What else can you do? I have an exercise about this I do with my clients that gets them off the fact they “think” they are hungry. Contact me and let me offer this to you!
  • How many calories in a day do you drink? I mean those fancy-schmancy cafe-latte-mocha-lotta, whatever they are called are FULL of sugar and empty calories!
  • Don’t deprive.  Work out how many calories your body needs. Work with this. From this we can determine the nutrients your body needs and you can try to stay within. Is this tracking? Well yes it is. Do I suggest you do it forever? No I don’t, but like anything we have no idea what to do, how to get somewhere if we don’t know where we are beginning. I can help you with this, click HERE to find out how.
  • Eat “well”. Not to deprive. Think of yourself as “fuelling” your body. It creates a far more positive image and helps us to make better choices.  Fuel to create a healthy way of life that you can keep for ever – that will in it’s own way get you to the proper weight you are meant to be (if that is a goal) and it might take slightly longer, but you’ll be doing this the right way for all the right reasons. You’ll have created healthy behaviours along the way and this, my Friend is how you’ll cease to go up and down in weight; how you’ll put a stop to consistently spending thousands of dollars trying new things; how you’ll cease the need to regularly snack and you’ll be able to have a goodie here and there, guilt-free; since you’ll be in complete control of your actions.
  • JOURNAL: For those who like to write.  Keep a journal if you find you snack. When you are hungry take a few minutes to write down the time, how you are feeling emotionally, what you feel might have triggered this, what you can do instead.  Don’t want to journal but do want to track this for a week or two? Email me HERE and let me send you my “food’n’mood log” to fill out.
  • Lastly: stop pressuring yourself. If you are focussed on eating purely to lose weight you will find you deprive, pressure yourself and make choices that perhaps aren’t the healthiest for you. Let it go! Create an eating strategy you can live with. Every day. And go with it. No depriving. No consuming so few calories it creates havoc within. Just an strategy that has you feeling full, healthy, and heading toward your goals.

Remember, life is about living. It’s about enjoying. And what and how we eat is crucial to this. So….focus on eating for health, happiness, strength of mind. In a way that doesn’t have you thinking about it 24/7. Organize it in a way that allows you to have “that goodie” every now and then with no guilt – and fuel in such a way that your kids if you have them can follow along and learn healthy habits

For life.

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