Happy New Year to you all; wishing you nothing but health, happiness and prosperity.

The new year is always an interesting time for me. Like many, I’m excited by the idea of what’s to come. What new things I can strive for and achieve; how many new women and girls I can help add the importance (and enjoyment) of health of mind and body to their lives.

I tend to do a lot of thinking around this time of year (I am sure I’m not the only one judging by the social media posts) and try to figure out what I can do different, smarter, better – in order to help others.

This year has been no different. As I sit here cozily on my couch; clad in my pj’s, fire blazing, cozy blanket and chihuahua-golden-retriever (don’t think about the how…just know she’s adorable) snoring on my lap….as always I am grateful for the simple pleasures. I don’t need much. The love of my family (that does include the pooch), friends….and health all top the list.

Which brings me to my word for this year “healthfulness”. I actually in all honesty thought I’d made up a new word…but upon looking online, find this definition:

Healthful, wholesome, salubrious, salutary mean favorable to the health of mind or body. Healthful implies a positive contribution to a healthy condition.

We know we can’t do anything without our health. Doesn’t matter how much money you have, who you know or how smart you are: we either get through or we don’t with our health.  Having been through health issue upon health issue during my life; some more serious (almost dying) than others (controlled epilepsy amongst other things), to me not only is it a no-brainer that we should do all we can to help be the healthiest, happiest version of ourselves…but it’s the driver behind what I do. If “I” can overcome things, how can I help others do the same? Just one of my many mantras.

We have also learnt so much about the human body over decades and decades of medical and scientific advances.    And we know how interconnected the mind and body are.  The past few years especially has seen us finally understand the importance of mindfulness and trying to decrease the negative effects of stress on us.  It’s not the stress hurting us; it’s how we are or aren’t handling it.  With the rise of so many mental health challenges….the time for mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, stress-management and so much more is very much now.

I want to help people understand the powerful effects of a strong, healthy body.

I want to help people understand the powerful effects of a strong, healthy mind.

I want to help people put them both together; work on both of them; make life about being a healthy “whole” person. Hence…..


Being healthy isn’t only about:

They all – and more – make us who we are. We need to pay attention to and look after each and every aspect of “us” to be healthful.

If we are great at getting daily exercise in yet sit at our desk all day with no movement, we aren’t necessarily ahead. If we eat in order to be healthy and enjoy life – yet are not sleeping due to over-work, over-worry, or over-something, again we aren’t hitting the nail on the head.

It’s the big picture. Looking at all we do for ourselves, our health, our happiness, our livelihood, our mind, body, soul and our loves.

So take each of the above topics – or the ones which resonate with you. Add any to the list that you feel would make up the “whole” you – and look at each day or week. What can you do to ensure you are watering all of these key areas; helping nurture them and grow into healthy habits. What can you change? Kick to the curb even, if needed?

You are truly important to YOU. How you look after yourself and your health determines the quality of life; and possibly length of it too. How full it is. How happy it is.

I learnt at a young age that how well we look after our health on a daily basis can be the difference literally between life and death. That when our body “calls” on us in a time of challenge…what we’ve done for it will be the difference to how we pull through, will give us the best kick at the can, and….

How healthful it is.


Coach C xo


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