Our hips can hold our stress. And…by releasing them, we can help release the stress.

Have you ever gripped your knees closer to you when stressed, sad, worried, or given certain news? Or curled up into the fetal position?  When we do this, we are essentially “tightening” or clenching the muscles, and these motions begin in the hips – and so often, we never release them. This then builds up over time, hips tighten and voila…..we hold much stress in the hips.

We all know how our body and mind are so inter-connected.  We can tense our jaw and get a headache.  Heck, I’ve had some muscle issues myself lately that actually didn’t begin from a “moment” or an injury at any particular time…and certainly aren’t “showing” in the place they began.  So our body can play games with us – which is fine.

As long as we listen to it.

How do we rectify this in particular in the hips?  There are some wonderful stretches that release the hips: one of them being the hip opener you’ll find in Yoga.  There are different variations depending upon your level, so ask me for info.  But this is a great pose for releasing tension in the hips.

Photo cred: yogiapproved.com

There are so many stretches that will help stretch out our hips AND help release tension. You might even find you shed a tear or two and this is totally normal.  Releasing tension can release emotion – and that’s not a bad thing.

Lastly; with all this talk about hips; don’t forget to keep them strong too. Deadlifts, shifting side lunges, hip raises with bands, single leg hip raises, just to name a few.  Many issues throughout the body have been found to originate in the hips. Our hip muscles help form a strong basis for our arm and legs to move from (i.e., they support our pelvis and core). We need this foundation to exist to allow us to have a body that is able to function. When it can’t function properly, there are misalignments and more – with the body compensating in other areas.  These can over time then cause us our injuries somewhere along the line; such as IT Bands, lower back, knees and more.

So listen to your body. And keep it strong…as well as flexible. Both helping the other along…..to always allow you to move as and when you wish to.

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