If there’s ONE thing I believe in (yet there are many!)…it’s the power of the mind. I’ve come from a place where I’ve learnt what I’ve learnt through experience. I’ve learnt so much about what I have to offer; my strengths – and my weaknesses….and what I can do to improve, from these same experiences.  I’ve achieved my success by being “me” and using positivity to get me through.  Having learnt so very much and I feel happiness is just one piece of the puzzle to our peace of mind…and ultimate success both in life and work.

What makes you happy? I mean…seriously, what REALLY makes you happy?






Be happy for this moment….this moment is your life.  ** Omar Khayyam

It never hurts sometimes to take stock of what we are doing and truly see what drives us; inspires us; makes (and keeps us happy).  It’s not airy-fairy stuff.  Being happy helps your mind and body.  Heart, mind, soul…..all benefit from a happy view of things.

We all have periods in our life where things are more of a challenge; where sadness occurs; where fear takes hold or we are made to dig deep to get to the answer at that particular time. I’m not saying to walk around with a smile plastered on your face during these times – no point in having the outside portray happiness if the inside doesn’t agree.

I’m talking about that constant, the general undertone as you go through life….through the good and the bad, at the end of the day you can say you are happy. Happy internally, with those around you and with what you are doing.

Every now and then I am pushed to look deeper at what I’m doing.  In fact, this occurred very recently. Typically, I’m such a happy-go-lucky gal. However, here and there I realize I undertake some projects not with my best interest in mind…but because I feel obligated to others.

This is not doing something which induces happiness…and it’s worth looking at.

When you are doing what you love, you’re at peace. Happiness ensues. Your mind is calm…..negative stress is (hopefully) reduced and your heartrate is where it should be. So what you do….affects you on many levels. Not only that; your happiness emanates to the outside world and those who are positive, happy people….are attracted to you, want to be around you.  As we all know: positivity begets positivity.  When you are not doing what you love, likewise but the other way: you most likely think about what you are doing a lot; morning, noon and night. You don’t switch off. There’s certainly no warm’nfuzzy about it and if it stresses you out, your heart rate may increase whenever you think about it. Perhaps you tense up when working so muscles get involved in the experience …. and you may find your planning, goals, just go out the window.

Bottom line, you have one life to live and want the most out of it – for your loved ones and for you. If YOU are happy, those around you benefit; they sense it and in turn they most likely will be the same.  If YOU are happy, looking at things in a positive light, you’ll have energy to burn, no challenges or fears will stand in your way or hold you back and will be productive when not only planning but following through with your goals.

What’s not to love about being happy? It’s a win-win!

I’ve been working on a project lately which I came to realize had me forehead-frowning much of the time; thinking about the first thing when I woke up, the last thing at night.  But what brought it home to me was this: I seemed to have roadblocks when it came to my productivity. Much was slipping; and all because of this one project.  When I realized this, stopped to really look at the effects it was having on me, it was life-changing and like a lightbulb going off.

Bottom line: it’s GREAT to do things which offer a little fear; are a risk but doable. It’s GREAT to strive for big…..if you feel excited, have passion for it and put your all into it. When it’s time to re-think things is if it takes over, has you worrying more than not; makes you lose sleep or any other negative behaviours…then it’s really time to look at it and wonder:

Is it worth it?

Nope.  Personally for me, having come to this conclusion, I’m productive, relaxed, excited, full of that energy that has me looking forward to plowing through fear….and am consistent with all I need to do.  It’s a simple word, “happiness” and not advice that is rocket-science or even anything new. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life….it is key. In love, life and your everyday.

Us women are famous for doing things for others and helping ourselves last. Well….you DESERVE happiness….so start with yourself and do as the song says:

Don’t worry…be happy!


Til next time! Coach C xx        


Carolyn Martyn is a Health and Confidence Coach helping women and milenials in areas related to life and fitness: nutrition, weight loss management, body image, confidence, stress management and more. An inspirational speaker she would love to speak at an event you are holding. She has a message for all – having been through many challenges herself and her goal is to help as many people out there SHINE as she possibly can.  Contact her HERE to talk!