So what do I mean by this? “being healthy”


I’ve been thinking long and hard about this lately for a few reasons.  Yup. I’m a Health Coach. But for me it is SO much more than that. So much more in fact, that I hiccup, stutter, fall over the words when someone asks what I “do” or what I “am”. The reason being – for me health and wellness is so much more than the workouts we do; the food we eat.

Now keep in mind, these are my opinions; what I say here you might have more thoughts to add and this is GREAT! If I can get women thinking about what being healthy means to them…and from that take action in one or more areas, I’m thrilled.

We live in such a fast-paced world. It’s not overly happy right now and daily we see sadness, frustration, hardship thrown at us from the tv screen – or for some in person. Technology has taken a big chunk out of family time and conversation and we tend to rush with much that we do; to be able to get it all done.

But do we remember ourselves?

So back to my “thinking long and hard” about what I do…and why sometimes my “elevator pitch” can go on for a few floors!

Health is not just about activity and food. Sure they are a HUGE part – and really by doing both, we actually help ourselves in the other realms we struggle in. We don’t call fitness “meditation in motion” for nothing! However for me, much more is encompassed in the words health and wellness. As a Coach I’m not just here to help women with their workout regime, behaviour, nutrition and form….it’s SO much about the mind. Not in the sense that I’m being a therapist to them (oh my..can you imagine?!), however if someone can understand more what their inner dialogue sounds like; how they are being a role model to others with positive or negative self-talk; if I can help someone get more sleep and they understand the importance of this. Well…I’m a happy camper.  But let’s talk about a few other things I think are in the description of “being healthy”. And….things we can do to perhaps help us lead happier, calmer, less stressed-out lives so not only we, but our famalams benefit.


This is huge to me girlfriends. We all have our “days”. From young girls at school to top executives, we ALL have them where we lack in confidence.  Well, let me tell you; leading a healthy lifestyle plays a HUGE part in increasing it.  When you eat well, you feel all the goodness helping you out. You feel energized, your skin glows….you have energy to take on anything. When you exercise regularly….you feel strong; you’re accomplishing something with each workout or activity. With this comes the feeling of inner strength; you feel like you’re walking a little taller. You can DO more due to more energy and feeling stronger and feel so capable. And from all of this you feel so much more confident.

Feeling Rested:

Get those “zees”. We have 5 cycles we go through during the night; multiple times. If you are on your iPad right up til bedtime; or watching that fave show of yours til the bitter end; your mind takes even longer to relax and “get in the zone”. If you are so busy you feel you can’t go to bed until late and need to wake up early…..if you drink so much caffeine to get through a day or find you are too wired when you DO go to bed. Something’s gotta change m’dear.

We need to especially get to cycles 3-5; THIS is where we get into our deep sleep and where our reparation of muscles occurs….as well as our growth hormone is released to help this happen.  All the cycles have their benefit…but if you aren’t getting to the 3-5’s you’re not getting the rest you need and this can affect your every day not to mention your health.

So get in the habit of turning off technology ONE HOUR before bedtime (you can do it!); begin a bed-time ritual; I can’t say enough about this. Run a bubble bath, read a book – anything which quiets your mind and gets it prepared for the fact that bedtime is coming. Say NO when you need to! The earth will continue turning. And you are proving YOU are important to yourself.

Those Voices in our Head:

Oh my. Can we talk about the voices?  Those voices which constantly put us down, pick out the holes; focus on the negative? We tend to be our own biggest critics. We create more issues sometimes than are really there.  We look in the mirror, pick out our problem spots. We can think of what we do personally or professionally and focus on what we aren’t doing well.  We have up to 45,000 thoughts in a day and up to 85% of them are negative. Can you imagine what you could do if they were all positive? Wow…you’d be unstoppable.

Body Image/ Love of Self:

Alright…again….this could be tied to confidence and those voices, but I have to offer this as a topic on it’s own. We are SO hard on ourselves. With so much pressure out there from the outside world barraging us and our kids….no wonder there are such problems with this. I used to be so self-deprecating. If I could point out in a “funny” way what was lacking (or sometimes too much!) about myself before you did…I was safe. But this isn’t the way to go. Not only is it not fun to listen to someone self-deprecating..but if you find you do this, you will believe so much of what you are saying. It’s that perpetual cycle. We ARE what we believe.

Despite what the media and many fashion houses put out there on a constant basis: there IS NO “perfect” body”.

What is the perfect body? Who put the patent on it anyway?  The body you have is yours and to be appreciated. Have you ever thought…in those moments (if you do this) of picking holes….what you can actually DO as a result of the amazing body you have? The number of friends who love you regardless of your amazing body; the places it takes you in the world when you travel? There is SO much to thank our little ‘ole bods about rather than bash them.  So….next time you feel yours is less than perfect compared to the vogue models….think about all it helps YOU ACHIEVE.

Embracing Stress:

You read that right. I’ve said it a LOT lately and I’ll be doing so more. We all get “stressed”. There’s negative and positive. Believe it or not…stress IS good for us. It’s HOW we deal with it that counts.  When we don’t handle it well, our immune system can take a whacking. Our heart can be affected if we do this too much – and so many other problems can arise (lack of sleep, no energy, no desire to do anything…you get the drift). Yet, when you are able to embrace those challenges; look at them from a different perspective it has a completely different outcome. Take it from someone who has suffered greatly health-wise as a result of stress and figured it out.

When we are happy we literally Shine….

We really do.  When we are happy, confident, love ourselves, value ourselves, hear our own voices, share our concerns, get enough sleep – we can be SO healthy and happy.  Add these to the activity we should be doing to stay strong and the nutritious way we should be eating (most of the time friends…if you eat “healthily” there’s NO depriving and you certainly have to enjoy life too!), you’ll be happy and healthy inside and out.

So the next time you think of your health….think of the whole picture. Yes. Exercise and Nutrition are KEY. But make sure you nurture yourself in so many other ways that you can, well.


Keep Sparkling…

Coach Carolyn