As I did last week, I’m offering more advice from some women in my world for you to enjoy and see if anything resonates with you for getting through the Christmas Season. I’ve been reading these and last week’s and have to admit I’m already putting new actions into place – that’s what I love about this; you might not need any advice but you might find you connect with an idea that you want to begin.

So take a look…and see if any of these jump out at you. Stay cozy today friends!


Chantelle Diachina

“I thrive through the holidays by buying from local artisans and store owners. It helps limit, if not completely avoid, the chaotic mall scene and just feels good to support local businesses and creators.

Every other year, we vacation somewhere exotic to spend quality time together and create memories that outlast any gift found under the Christmas tree. We usually arrive home a day or two before Christmas, so we miss the over-the-top commercial side of the holidays and arrive home refreshed and full of Christmas spirit.
I say “NO” to a lot. The less coming and going in December, the better, so I avoid attending too many holiday gatherings. This helps to limit late nights and too many sweets!
Chantelle Diachina
Owner, Prana Yoga and Wellness
Chantelle is a gem. I’m SO grateful to know her (and for her to actually admit “out loud” she’s my friend lol!). She’s one of the wisest women I’ve ever met and I love that she’s so community-minded AND has her s#*t together with boundaries.  Thank you Chantelle 🙂 xx


 Kim Pega

“Creating space for yourself can be as simple as doing 2 things a day that make you happy. For me this looks like committing to a morning meditation practice and drinking herbal tea, but for others it could look like singing in the shower or taking 5 deep breaths before getting out of bed. Whatever it is keep it simple and know that this investment in yourself is an investment in a happy holiday season for you and your loved ones.”

Kim Pega
Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle coach
Connect on IG @kimpega and email

Thank you Kim!  Kim and I met as a result of an Event I was hosting – and although we have a significant age gap (sigh….) we have such wonderful conversations and I’m blessed to know her. She’s wise and real – which reinforces to me that we all benefit from having a sparkle circle that isn’t all about one age group.  We can really learn from and inspire each other so much at any age and any stage.

Susan Regier

“Any time of year, I create lists and this is especially important during the holidays as there is always so much to do. Yes, I am a list maker and I check ‘em twice. But I don’t let my list run me! I feel more relaxed knowing I’m on top of everything; however, if plans change I go with the flow. And that’s the key! With three children, their partners, and eight grandchildren – and considering we live in the snow-belt – plans often change.  And sometimes, things work out better when they’re unexpected…as long as you keep a positive attitude.”

Susan Regier, Vantage One Writing 

Thanks Susan! I love this being a List person myself! Can’t go wrong there.  Susan and I have been friends for about 15 years now as a result of an incredible – what began as a “Networking Group” – group of women. We’ve been getting together for breakfasts each month, Xmas parties and Summer soirees and I have to say some beautiful friendships have been formed. 

Alyssa Spaw

“The holidays can be a particularly tough time of year. Work responsibilities typically require being wrapped up before the new year and when those tasks pick up, it’s hard to find time to do your holiday preparation let alone take care of you.

However, this time of year is when I really allow myself to check out for at least and hour or two every day and focus on myself. These hours need to be scheduled into my day, but I make them work. For me, this time includes a good workout and at least one home cooked meal a day. In all the hustle and bustle, we tend to find ourselves reaching for the easiest (and not always nutritious) grab and go options. What we put into our body during this time helps support the type of energy we have to give. Allowing yourself time to move in a way you enjoy and to eat a nutritious meal helps set you up for a more productive day/season.”

Alyssa Spaw,

Online/In-Person Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Love this Alyssa! Thank you. This is SUCH an important reminder – and we really do need to know how important “we” are to ourselves – to create appointments for us which ultimately help our health, happiness and mindset.

There ARE good things that can come of Social Media. Alyssa and I are proof of that. Again…she’s a quite a bit younger than me but I really connected with her authenticity and wisdom. We are in the same world and think so much alike. I’ve watched her make some huge decisions – and so applaud her for doing so. Thank you my Friend!

Jennifer Taylor

“Here is something I do every year and I have been doing it for 20+ years.   I take a couple of hours for myself (book out of the office in early December for a few hours) and I put on soothing Christmas music – given it is early December I am still loving the Christmas tunes! I then grab my address book, some beautiful cards I would have gotten on sale in January and write out cards to family and friends and share with them how grateful I am to have them in my life and to let them know I am thinking of them. I don’t let anything else interrupt me – I just let the spirit of the season take hold and it feels wonderful.  The art of hand written Christmas cards is fading each year – so this annual practice has become even more important because everyone loves knowing they are thought of and cared for.

Jennifer Taylor, CFP®, PFP l Financial Planner l Investment & Retirement Planning l RBC Financial Planning l Royal Mutual Funds Inc. I 440 Boler Road, London, Ontario, N6K 4L2

I just want to put on the tunes RIGHT now with the fire blazing and grab my Xmas cards.  I love the picture you’ve created here Jen and am going to copy your lead here, so thank you! Jen and I met years ago and I LOVED her energy and authenticity too.  We reconnected earlier this year when she got an incredible group of women together; all from different ages, walks of life (love that!) and we’ve been getting together regularly ever since. She’s real, has a huge heart and has followed her passion too which I so admire.  Thank you Jen!

What did these two posts do for me? They reinforced what wonderful women I have in my circle; and this was just a small number of them. Oh if only I could do a post with them all… (stay with me here, I might just begin something regular with different topics). This warms my heart and I hope this and the last post either had some information of value for you, OR got you thinking about your Circle around you.  Create one full of friends from all ages, stages, walks of life.  There is nothing like it – you definitely feel like you’re being hugged.

Til next time,


Coach C xo