Well hello my Sparkly Friends!

A large focus of mine for offering these is for them to be effective.  Speaking to women of all ages all of the time, I hear regular “threads” voiced:

  • I wish I was fitter
  • Wish I didn’t jiggle…..was slimmer
  • I wish I had more time; for “me”, for my health, to spend with my loved one(s)
  • I wish I weighed less/more (or …. what I did 20 years ago….)
  • I wish I was (more) confident
  • I wish I didn’t feel a fake.
  • I wish……. something…..

To me…these are ALL interconnected.   We have so many pressures of today to strive for perfection (we don’t have to cater to these pressures; it’s knowing how to drown the noise out).

(If some or all of these are you…fill out the contact form below to stay in the loop and let’s get going on your road to sparkledom!

My Programs are designed to lift you up; to have you work at “your” pace to allow you to feel inspired again. Happy. Confident. Or maybe just a bit more confident. That’s okay. But I’d love to have the 4 weeks end where you’ve joined my Community; engaged in conversations if you feel like it and leave understanding you are definitely not alone in your journey.

So come on, join me…join the women embarking on this new journey and let’s CONQUER some or all of the following as well as other topics which come up:

  • stress
  • weight challenges
  • life-work-YOU balance
  • lack of perfection
  • body image
  • unhealthy habits
  • behaviours that don’t help our lives
  • how we communicate WITH and ABOUT ourselves
  • any negativity in our lives
  • lack of time
  • lack of the ability to exercise

Want to know what each Conquer course comprises?  Click this link HERE to get the info.

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