Sometimes the best thoughts are over coffee!  The start of a new day exists with every sip…..

Coming in 2017: weekly thoughts and inspiration over coffee!  My upcoming video messages to help with life, love, laughter – and everything in between.



Those who know’n’love me, know I love my morning cuppa java!  So.  I came up with the idea to offer my thoughts once a week.  I have come to understand that “keeping it real” is where it’s at. And generally if I’m struggling with something, so is someone else. If I’m excited about something, someone else has reason to be excited over something – and if I’m inspired…well, why not share?

Check back every Friday beginning January 6th, 2017 for my videos. Hope they add a bit of humour, levity – and insight to your day!


Coach Carolyn 

Let's have some fun over coffee! Let me know what you'd like to hear.

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See all of the ways I can help and let me know. In the meantime if you have anything specific don't hesitate to ask by filling out the form below. I'm here to help you SHINE! [contact-field...

BELIEVE your worth.

BELIEVE your worth.

~Worth~ This is a heartfelt and powerful message of mine to others. It took 30 years for me to not only truly know and understand my worth, but to almost get pissed off enough at people trying to get a ‘deal’ from me that I became brave enough to stand up for my worth...

Get outta the zone

So often we can become comfy with where we are and it's easy to stay put, but lately I've been putting myself to the test and doing things that are new; that perhaps take me out of the zone du comfort 🙂 and....stretch me: my brain, my abilities and yes, my comfort....