Bring It Boys

With our Bring It Girls events having been so welcomed within the Community and such a success, we decided it was time to organize something for Boys!  Same age group (grades 6-8) and all about inspiration, leadership, learning and fun too.

We will also be requiring volunteers and BRING IT GUIDES (outstanding young men 20-30 however if you’re outside of that and this “sings” to you, drop us a line!).

So…stay tuned…and look out for information on our first BRING IT BOYS at beautiful King’s College, Western University in London Ontario.

For this event we will also be organizing focus groups with boys in this age group – so we can really hit home and help them with challenges they face today. If you are a teacher and feel like organizing one at your school, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

For more information check us out at Bring It Boys or if you have young girl: Bring It Girls

And don’t forget to: BRING IT!