Body Image

It’s SO much more than body positivity. It’s what is inside; the inner belief and self love we have. We own.

What began as workshops for women about body image, really ended up being about so much more: so I call them “Self Love”. These workshops are interactive, inspiring and powerful (their words, not mine!).

I hope you will join me for future workshops; I offer them for young girls, young women and women of every age.

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And ladies….


Coach Carolyn

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  • The past year’s Events; sharing the Body Positivity!

Body Love for women 2017.

An interactive workshop for women at Innovation Works on topics related to body image, body positivity and self love.

Beautifully Bold 2017

An exciting workshop for Western University Female Athletes held for the Western U Women’s Team on all things body love.


Conquer! Body Love, 2018

Held at Kings University College. An inspiring morning on topics related to body love and body positivity: meditation, yoga, nutrition nd mindfulness. With interactive discussions about the pressures of today and how to circumvent falling prey to them.


You are what you believe. You are also “healthy” from  head to toe, inside out…it’s not just about the fitness of the body. So let’s inspire each other and learn about some new thought-processes when it comes to love of body image, self, positive inner dialogue and how to manoeuvre through this world of what appears pressure to be “perfect” (anyone found out what “PERFECT” is yet???!).

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