I’m so very excited to have a beautiful new Website thanks to the creative genius of Tania DeJonge of A Driven Design with photography by Aroha McKaig of Hartistree Photography.

This Website is written from my heart – so you can get to know the real “me” and see me as the supportive woman, Trainer and Health Coach that I am. I’m real. I’m like many of you reading reading this Site: I want to be healthy and strong for myself and my Family. I’ve had my health challenges (still do) yet these have made me stronger. I live days as many do: some knowing I can conquer the world and others feeling very unconfident and picking holes in myself for one reason or another.

But I know how to get through these and I love the feeling you get after a great workout from those endorphin’s flyin’ around – I’m at my most productive and come up with my greatest ideas then! I need to promote the “health” gospel to others since it’s so incredibly important we all do the MOST for ourselves when we can – since when our body calls on us in a time of crisis we will be able to handle it. I named my Business “shine” since this is how I feel – like I shine with happiness, giddiness and energy – and truly want to help others “shine” from the inside out.

Yet I need to clarify one thing: Recently a woman at a networking event made the following comment to me: “that’s why you are skinny”. Firstly… I am not skinny. I am muscly, toned, jiggly in parts and in shape. Secondly and WAY more importantly:

I am not “this way” by chance.

I work hard on my health every day; through hard work and much sweat. Gotta walk the walk if I’m promoting this to everyone else. My eating strategy is healthy and deeeelish (and included in this are my chocolate covered almonds every now and then – like I said..keeping it real) and want to promote to others how “doable” this is – with the right tools and support behind you. So to me it’s no compliment when someone assumes I am my size due to luck. I work hard it to be able to show others the way.

This is my mission, passion and need – to help others feel amazing about themselves and to help them BE their best.

If you are healthy, strong and happy – you will be of much value to you, your Family and Friends.

Adding a Little Sparkle to your Day…