Contemplative.  That’s what I’d say I am lately. There is SO much going on in my head (good stuff!) that I want to share with the world…but I’m struggling to put it out there.  Do you ever get that feeling?

Thinking there are a few reasons: perhaps fear is one. Have you ever heard the saying “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”? Brilliant – and it’s so very very true.  If you don’t have those butterflies, it perhaps doesn’t mean what it should to you (I realise that’s not the case all of the time).

I like to write this Blog from my heart. Sometimes it’s about health; will have fitness tips; nutrition to-do’s (or vice-versa)…but really? I find the posts written with passion, honesty – and that little bit of imperfection are those most taken to heart by others. It’s all about being real – and that’s such a strong need in my life. Not only for me to be real – but for others to understand I am – and for others in my life to be the absolute same.

So…back to this contemplative bit.  I’m putting a couple of things out there today in this blog (so I really hope someone reads it); I want to be a Health Coach extra-ordinaire. A damn (oops!) good one (but I mean it with passion). I have this absolute need to help as many as possible with the struggles of life: work-life balance; how to achieve optimum health, in a way which works for their lifestyle. I want to show others that even though you may feel imperfect (don’t!), or intimidated (again…no!)…if you put goodness out there; a smile on your face; fake til you make it kind of confidence….goodness will come to you and that confidence will grow.  I have spoken to too many women (especially) who struggle with one part of life. If they are doing amazing things professionally – they feel they are not able to give their all to family; if they are doting on family and able to provide there…they feel they’ve given up a piece of their professional life – or they at least feel they are being judged as so.

How do we change all of this? There is a way…which takes me back to my “fear”. I really NEED to help others; I KNOW I’m inspiring to others (there…putting it out there)…and I truly want to motivate people. I intend to be a motivational speaker (oh my! Are we being BRAVE with these admissions or what??!) – with the ultimate goal of making others walk outta the room feeling like they can conquer the world.

SO! Can I get your help and support? I promise my goal is to help you “shine” with my future plans….

Understand this: many of us may portray we are confident, are able to “do it all” and have our *#&^ together….but why pressure ourselves to be like this if it’s not quite the case? Why live in a world where we feel we have to. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be surrounded by like-minded women; who are honest about where they are at and what struggles they need help with? Where we can all help each other?  I think so!  And that, my friends is where my fear needs to take a back seat…since my passion overrules it and I want to do something with and for YOU to help.

Thus, WOMEN WHO BRING IT has been born….watch “this space” since I have a feeling it’s gonna be a great ride……..

Coach Carolyn…  image