Beautifully Bold

An exciting workshop for Western University Female Athletes (not an athlete? NO problem! You want to be here, we want you here.


Why Female Athletes?  Had to start somewhere.  I grew up (some might question that!) a competitive (equivalent to Provincial) tennis player in England, and now all things health and wellness.  I know what it’s like to have to stay “in shape” for competition but as I’ve aged, I also hear the pressure young athletes of today are under, the lack of help they feel they have AND their lack of body image love……it’s prevalent, and I’m a Momma on a Mission…ready to help! So this seemed a great fit. Even athletes have their challenges with body image, inner dialogue and more.  We wanted to reach out and offer some inspiring conversation and activities along with women from our Community who have offered their time free out of passion for this topic too. Stay tuned for more events!

Beautifully Bold

Regular workshops for young women all about body image, the body positive and our inner dialogue.

What we have in store:

This day is about discussion, sharing, learning, inspiring and doing!

  • Sports Psychologist
  • We talk nutrition (we know athletes know HOW to eat well…..we are coming from this from a completely different angle on the day of… come and hear!)
  • Martial Arts for the Mind……come be empowered
  • Yoga and Meditation for the Soul – feeling relaxed, mindful, happy – all are part of how we feel about ourselves, and can have an impact on our body image in a positive way. Come and move with us!
  • We’ll also be having much discussion (after all, when we share we learn….and don’t feel so alone in our thoughts…)



You are what you believe. You are also “healthy” from  head to toe, inside out…it’s not just about the fitness of the body. So let’s inspire each other and learn about some new thought-processes when it comes to love of body image, self, positive inner dialogue and how to manoeuvre through this world of what appears pressure to be “perfect” (anyone found out what “PERFECT” is yet???!).

Stay tuned for our next workshop coming soon! Oh….can you tell your galpals?

See ya soon!


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