Agenda for the morning:

Each Session is 30 minutes with discussion involved also and some activities (i.e. yoga; which it’s TOTALLY up to participants if they wish to take part or watch and learn).

  • 9:45 to 10:00 – Registration
  • 10:00 am: Welcome
  • 10:15: Disordered Eating Continuum: societal pressures that can sometimes exacerbate this (Jillian Walsh, Change Creates Change, Dietician specializing in Eating Disorders)
  • 10:45: small break
  • 11:00: Self Care and the Inner Bully: Group Discussion as well as techniques and how-to’s (Carolyn Martyn)
  • 11:30: Nutrition: Tips for fuelling the spirit and eating for joy (Holistic Nutritionist) – this will include a fruit smoothie!
  • 12:00: Mindfulness, Meditation and Martial Arts for the Mind (Tasha Hughes, Diva Defence)
  • 12:30: Discussion with Attendees about pressures of today, Hope’s Eating Disorder Resource Centre will be offering some important information on what they offer and wrap-up.

What to BRING:
* Energy 🙂
* Yoga mat or similar
* Notepad / pen
* Snack (I will try to get some snacks but being a free event with lots offered, for now we are asking participants to bring their snack/ light lunch.

Check the menu at the top of the page OR click HERE for Facilitator info.

So hope to see you there!